Is Papel Token A Scam Or A Great Possibility? Let's Talk About It!

By CryptoLovers | INFOCryptos | 11 May 2021




In recent months, the shitcoin phenomenon has gained in popularity and although most of these tokens are scams, there are some cryptocurrencies that have significant growth potential.


I start by explaining how you can buy these tokens: first of all we need to have Binance because it will be from there that we will move the funds to the application called Trustwallet.




Within trustwallet there is a browser in which we can search for exchanges such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap.


With Pancakeswap we are going to buy the so-called "shitcoins" by pasting the contract that is generally found on sites like CoinGeko or CoinMarkerCap.




Unlike classic cryptocurrencies, to be purchased these tokens need slippage, it is a range in which the token can slip, when we make the purchase, so that we can conclude the purchase or sale even if the price has changed.


Part of the Slippage is burned and will go into a closed wallet and the other part will be redistributed among the holders.


The token I want to talk about today is called PAPEL TOKEN, a token inspired by the “Casa de Papel” but which has nothing to do with it.


Unlike most of the shitcoins, it has a very specific project and which I am now going to show you:


As you can see from the photo, they intend to create a streaming site like Twitch, based all on papel tokens so we will pay the subscriptions with the Papels, being able to support the streamers by donating Papel, and all this will bring an incredible increase in the value of the coin that now it's really low.




Another project they have will be to enter the Binance marketplace regarding NFT tokens; this would bring great visibility to papel and to the whole project itself.


As we can see from the photos in section Q4, they intend to create a real school that teaches people the importance of investing and teaches everything there is to know about this wonderful world.



Not to mention Papel Pay, a real credit card, with cashback and benefits for all holders.
One thing that should not be underestimated is that this would be the first project developed entirely by Italians and therefore could bring an important media power, both nationally, European or even world-wide!


I leave here the link to join the Papel token telegram group and let me know below what you think, from my point of view, in the sea of ​​shitcoins, this is one of those that has potential, a lot of potential and above all already has a community of well 26k holder!

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