SnoopDogg's Love For Crypto

By CryptoSocial | Influencers & Crypto | 30 Nov 2021

SnoopDogg seems to be a rapper from the past but it seems his legacy keeps going on. His music is a true art for many to listen to; from "Drop It Like It's Hot" to "Make Some Money" SnoopDogg has always been the dog to talk about the money and how to go and get it. The mans had a lot of success with his hit music within the past decades but, recently this year Snoop has moved into something new and it's not really anything to do with music but it sorta does. Snoop has been the type of guy to keep up with the trends; from twitch streams to gold chains he's however recently came across the new trend which would be following, pursuing and investing into cryptocurrencies.
Early this year SnoopDogg "the king of hip-hop" has made many investments and deal's involving crypto which has helped him reach unexpected numbers in terms of money that many people could never get their hands on "ya feel me. It is crazy to think celebrities like Snoop don't really have to do too much to make a couple million now a days especially off of crypto. Let alone some who is very passionate and involved with crypto themsleves could do the same but that's hours of work, research and time. SnoopDogg has such a beloved fanbase many of which follow crypto trends and news make art and have also started collaborating within Snoop to make him art. Snoop recently earlier in the year was invested into Twitch streaming but, due to his love for playing video games some news recently came up after the celebrity started streaming "The Sandbox" a very popular building NFT cryptocurrency game. Just last month The Sandbox ended up doing a collaborative deal with the music artist and they made a skin which players can buy along with a collective land which is SnoopDogg's land in the game. Also known as Snoop's mansion. Besides SnoopDogg's help and involvement within the crypto gaming atmosphere he is also helping out multiple NFT sites and artists who create NFT's.


SnoopDogg's love for NFT's has been noticed for quite sometime now, ever since the beginning of this year to be exact. From being one out of many artists and celebrities to have his very own NFT CryptoPunk Snoop realized at that moment, that this could be a new journey for him. From hitting up various NFT directors on multiple NFT selling websites including Twitter tweets and dms, Snoop has made multiple connections and built multiple careers for these investors that are in developing of NFT's. Snoop has made multiple purchases through the NFT markets as well within these past couple of months; including buying his own work of art that at one point was worth nothing is now worth millions including a collection of art he has bought recently. Recently Snoop collected NFTs which was worth 3 million in total however now, a couple months later that collection is now worth 20 million dollars. Snoop at this point is a protected figure for the NFT markets and is considered worth millions upon millions because of his NFT collection and not only that but; with everything this man has done it wouldn't be an underestimate if he could be worth a billion dollars within the next year or two. And It's all due to crypto markets especially the NFT crypto markets. Snoop's contributions have meant a lot but it goes to show how wealthy crypto markets are. Whether you're trading for cryptocurrencies, spending money in NFT markets to make more money back or playing crypto blockchain games to make money, it can be worth a lot!   

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