Some good news about Terra-Luna

By Martin Kelen | Industrial Design | 12 Jan 2023

Nice to see you again!

Yesterday, a normal day that is much for a crypto invester, I received an e-mail from my DeFi platform informing, as it was planned, that Terra will start the giving back of what was one of the worst crypto break downs. When the stablecoin Terra lost its parity of 1:1 with the american Dollar.




In 2022 they already deliver some money. 30% of what they said they will give back. To me and most people the 30% it was no more than u$100

Lets assume we live in a wild world, where the market and every people in it only want to empty your pockets and stomp in your head if they can. 


This time they sent me Ar$780 what is less than U$3 in LUNA coins, They said will sent a similar amount montly for 2 years until complete the 70% left


Almost an insult considering I've lost more than U$3000. I've wait too much to exchange my TERRA coins in a childish hope it will recover the 1:1 parity and it's value goes down to U$0,01... As I said, we live in a wild, raw, rude world, so if someone assume his error and try to repair the damage, to me is a kind attitude,and send my respects to Mr Do Kwon


Do you have being affected with TERRAcoins too? Have you recieved a retribution? 

Share with me your experience

See you next time. Thaks for reading

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Martin Kelen
Martin Kelen

Well... Human at first, Industrial Designer graduated in UBA, Argentina I think come second. Comic drawer as an abandoned hobby, lover for making stuff of any type... and a procastinator who try to self fight. Husband, Father, High hopes

Industrial Design
Industrial Design

The charming of shapes, the intelligence making the functionallity and beauty working togheter. There are not just products, there are feelings

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