Retro Arcade machine made by my own

By Martin Kelen | Industrial Design | 20 Apr 2021

One day, by the random of life, I discovered in a china on-line shop, the chinese version of a Raspberry_pi 43e909ee1224c64c80151d186c252004600fd207696348c5aea65dc960bc8a9f.jpgThis is the "Orange-pi PC". The name sounds like a joke, but I get surprised with the performance.

Also it worth a half of a Raspberry. I bought it and the idea of a MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) started burning my brain. As you can tell, shortly I bought this

ce728a4228e5cd3423acb32388b4f8e256ad0cd965589caf426570841766ad85.jpgAn USB Arcade kit, u$35 worth

And where shall I put all this... I found this used, dusty, half destroyed furniture, u$37.50 worth


Joysticks would be useless, but the speakers work perfect

Time to hand at work

First I disassemble as much as I could, wipe it clean and repaired the worst details. Some vintage gaming tokens was found inside!



Saw, sandpaper & paint


6e628e6e61dddce9da2d45445a27b75d09eba3bcd9874117b8cb77b73ce9249e.jpg(My diploma is seen behind)

Wiring all together

1e5eb49adf1cb4897fd7556438b048c552159038210018de917f38989b1491a5.jpgThe Orange-pi is beneath that sort of piramid with fans

Vinil plotted attach & Testing


The software that command this is "retrorangepi" works very well and is free to download. Nevertheless it took several days of programing and configuration to reach the desired result. I wasn't an expert, so expended hours watching tutorials, despite this I could say it isn't so difficult.

It was charged with:

108 games of MAME platform (including Mortal Kombat 3, super Street Fighter II, Marvel vs Capcomand all the classics)

112 games of NEO.GEO platform

31 games of Sega Megadrive console

32 games of Super Nintendo system

The final


I bought a '24 HDMI screen and bolt it at the structure. It is possible to detach the commands and play it in any HDMI TV.

Put some leds strips for rising the look, flat glasses and a little sound amplifier to make the speakers become alive again

It took me, with huge intervals, almost 2 years to complete

If you want to see a short video of this working, I recently upload it at my instagram: @fuerzalineal    its me playing with my son

Perhaps in the near future I could upgrade it to be playable via a cripto transfering

Thanks for reading!

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Martin Kelen
Martin Kelen

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Industrial Design

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