Milei: The newest libertarian president in Argentinian elections

By Martin Kelen | Industrial Design | 21 Nov 2023

The coin finally flips on the other side

As many of you know, Argentina between the past years was stuck onto one of the hardest devaluation of its currency (from $60 > 1 u$s in 2019 to $1000 > 1 u$s today)

People feel tired and dissapointed with the populist potitics and finally gave the victory to one of the strangest candidates ever known.

Javier Milei's campaign was starred with a chainsaw in his speechs (literally)


Promoting cut off from the roots every useless politician who leads Argentina to this pit of stinky devaluation. Milei AKA "el peluca" (the wig) making a kind of humor stand up actor, little by little on TV was growing in popularity the past two years, and taking advantage from the decadency of this country, scalating surprisingly quick, finally won the elections runoff the past sunday 55% against 45% with Sergio Massa.

All the campaign he was promoting the flip of the currency to the US Dollar, privatize state enterprices (like television, airlines, oil companies) and cut off the public spending wich makes the greatest deficit.

Personal conclusion

I feel kind happy about finally the anti-progresist party had to face the wrath of the people about their measures to be every time worst, but at the same time I know the hardest times are comming to "el peluca" because of the sindicate's mafia who always run beneath the Peronismo (the opposite party) surely will make him sweat, and the major of his measures hardly will make effets in the short place.

Pray for us and lets hope this change makes Argentina great again

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Martin Kelen
Martin Kelen

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Industrial Design
Industrial Design

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