500 days of free faucets. Does it worth? My experience

By Martin Kelen | Industrial Design | 17 Dec 2021

Hi all of you

From July 2020 to nowadays I was searching, solving captchas and claiming millions of crypto bits on several pages. Some of them no longer exist, some where abandoned because don't achieve the expectatives.

For not making the post too long and boring, I'll show you wich faucet and apps are better to earn a little without any investment... and answer that big question:

Does it worth making claims from faucets?


#1 _ Bitcoin Blast (Android App)


By joining togheter 3 or more of a kind, you overcome the objetives. It will pay you between 1 to 3 satoshis per level. What is cool, you get the paid even if you win or not the game. The worst part is having to watch a 30 seconds ad each time yo start a new level. The collected satoshis goes to your Coinbase wallet (previously setted up) I have reached the 1000 level (as showed) but any special gift hasn't appeared

My earnings: 0,0002 BTC (aprox) in 500 days


#2 _ Cointiply


Here you can see ads pages, roll the faucet, make surveys and many more to make earnings. Personally, I never could do any survey because my user profile didn´t match with their requirements. The earnings came enterely from watching ad pages. It gives to you from u$0,01 to u$0,03 worth in Cointiply coins

My earnings (as shown): 0,0001 BTC in 500 days


#3 _ Rollercoin 


A crypto mining simulator, that gives you a river of gifts and special events. You should play saveral mini games to rise your hash rate, that become into real crypto portions. It have in game purchases, but I never invest real money in it. In the picture is my real user, and as you can tell I already have 3 miners machines 

My earnings (as shown): 0,00016 BTC in 500 days


#4 _ PipeFlare


Curious page where you can earn some cryptos by claiming faucets and playing games. This native token is 1FLR and by now it worth u$0,001 each. At the begining the 1FLR was worthless so the page have given it to me as water being throwed by a fireman in a fire building. Without much effort I have got more than 10K Flare tokens. By now is 10 times more dificult to reach that number. I have to convert it in MATIC at my Metamask wallet


My earnings (as shown): 6 MATIC in 500 days


So, my goods at this moments are 0,00046 BTC plus 6 MATIC makes a total of something similar to:

>>> u$35



I have made this experiment from a work computer with internet access (during my working day, but don't  be a snitch!) So, the electrical cost doesn't aply to any disscount.

The experience was greatful since you are earning real money by having fun, but only I could recomend this if you use it in a spare time or a extremly boring work with an internet access.

Now I have to thing whay to do with all my free cryptos... any idea?

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Martin Kelen
Martin Kelen

Well... Human at first, Industrial Designer graduated in UBA, Argentina I think come second. Comic drawer as an abandoned hobby, lover for making stuff of any type... and a procastinator who try to self fight. Husband, Father, High hopes

Industrial Design
Industrial Design

The charming of shapes, the intelligence making the functionallity and beauty working togheter. There are not just products, there are feelings

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