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By Incent | Incent Loyalty | 30 Jul 2019

Incent rewards you with cryptocurrency every time you spend money. Once you’ve set up your account, you don’t have to do anything more.

Earlier this month, Incent launched its flagship product: a totally new kind of loyalty programme that not only rewards users with points that are actually worth something, but that does so absolutely frictionlessly.

The Incent platform distributes cryptocurrency rewards  – themselves called Incent – on every spend you make. Unlike other kinds of reward points, Incent can be bought and sold on the open market. Because there are a fixed number in existence, new demand may drive increased value over the long term.

How to receive Incent

Getting set up with Incent is incredibly easy:

  1. Register an account at
  2. Sync your bank account. This takes just a few minutes and is completely secure.
  3. Go about your daily business! The Incent platform will issue cryptocurrency to your dashboard whenever you spend any money from your synced accounts.

Once the trial period is over, you can opt to subscribe to gain full access to the platform, with enhanced rewards. Upon subscription, you will also be able to withdraw your Incent to sell, or you can keep saving and accumulate a digital nest egg for the future.

Subscription options

To begin with, there are three subscription options:

  • AUD 10 per month, to earn up to AUD 20 in Incent per month 
  • AUD 20 per month, to earn up to AUD 40 in Incent per month
  • AUD 50 per month, to earn up to AUD 100 in Incent per month

In the future, we will also offer a Platinum Bespoke plan – stay tuned for more details.

If a portion of the customer’s spend is made with one of Incent’s featured merchants, users will receive extra Incent for that part of the spend. You can find details of featured merchants – including 2x rewards with Amazon – at

With the launch of the platform, Australian users can access rewards in Incent tokens on every spend they make. To find out more, visit


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Incent is a blockchain rewards system that enables anyone to save and grow wealth in crypto through their everyday spending.

Incent Loyalty
Incent Loyalty

Incent is a blockchain rewards system that enables mainstream consumers to save and build wealth through crypto - on every spend they make.

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