My favourite Web3.0 Project

My favourite Web3.0 Project

By INAM_ | INAM | 6 Jan 2022

So you might've already heard about Web 3.0 till now. If not, I don't know which rock have you been living under...

So I will not be explaining what Web 3 is in this post. This post is just a shill about my favourite Web 3 crypto project. And even the charts for the crypto will tell you the same story.


Web 3.0 Image

So without wasting more time, the name of the cryptocurrency is FLUX. It's previous name was ZelCash, and probably the reason the name for their wallet is ZelCore.


What is FLUX?

Flux is a project aiming to build a fully decentralized web ecosystem. It does that by allowing anyone to put dockerized images onto FluxOS (The Decentralized computer that hosts these apps). Already many cryptocurrency Nodes are running on Flux. These include Firo and Presearch nodes. There even is a decentralized version of the Bitcoin Whitepaper on FluxOS, which means, no Craig Wright can mess with it.

So how the FLUX does the decentralized computer work?

Well, now is the perfect opportunity to tell you that FLUX is so cool. It uses POW for decentralisation of the network like Bitcoin but in parallel also rewards Node owner for running nodes, kind of like DASH. Why? Because Nodes are the workforce behind the Decentralized Computer of Flux. Whoever runs these nodes is basically allowing the dockerized apps to run on their system in return for a reward in form of FLUX.

Like this everything running on FluxOS stays decentralised instead of on some centralized server like ICP does it. And because crypto and blockchain are all about decentralization, I believe Flux is gonna flip ICP sooner or later. And this is also why I just love it.

Please Note: none of this is financial advice. This is only my opinion and none of your Financial actions shall be based on my or anyone's opinion. Always DYOR.


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