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Buying Bitcoins from Remitano and why is it best

By INAM_ | INAM | 8 May 2020

Last month I just found out Bitcoin is halving this year in May. I had heard (or read to be more specific) on many articles that when a cryptocurrency halves, it's prices rises. Now I also just wanted to do Bitcoin trading for no reason and what would be better time than just before halving to buy BTC. Well actually I kept telling myself to buy BTC when it was $3000 last year then at $6000 but you know. I didn't had enough money and I did not trusted localbitcoin. And I did not know about Remitano at that time.


My problem with popular exchanges:

Anyways, back to this month. I decided to buy Bitcoins. Coinbase does not work in my country, Binance requires a credit card which I don't have (and both of these services charge more than normal rate). And there is no local exchange in my country as My Country's State Bank banned dealing Cryptocurrencies and exchanges fall in that category.

So last options is to buy Bitcoins from some person. And the last thing that I would want to do is to go to facebook to find someone to trade with, send him the money and find out that the other guy did not sent me Bitcoins back and blocked me. This is where Remitano comes in (I am not sure if paxful and localbitcoin operate in the same way so I will not mention them).


Remitano's Benefit:

You can click the dispute button if seller does not sends you bitcoins after taking the payment. And as the seller's bitcoins are in Remitano's wallet, you can show Remitano the proof that you pad the seller and then Remitano will release the Bitcoins to your account.


My Experience:

So I opened the lowest priced listing with my preferred payment method. And kept in on screen for a while. Thinking if I should use this? What is Remitano itself is a scam? What if for some random reason I won't get bitcoins? Just kidding. I typed the amount of BTC I wanted and clicked Buy button. Then I sent money to the seller and and in like 2-3 minutes he accepted the offer. Although do note that I called him before and after purchasing sending money. That is probably why he accepted it quickly. Or maybe it actually is that fast to buy cryptocurrency on Remitano.


So that is how I bought my first cryptocurrency. Also one more thing I realized is that rates on Remitano were cheaper than buying cryptocurrency directly from Binance. There was around a $1 something cents difference between remitano and binance for same amount of bitcoins (It is not always going to be $1 something cents difference.



If you want to buy crypto at best rates so use this link to sign up on Remitano. It will keep me motivated to write more content like this and also Programming Tutorials which I am going to write in future. 


Hope you liked the article. If you even read it. Because I think people on publish0x are mostly just here to get rewards and not for reading the content. If you are not one of them so consider following me. Your choice.

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