Apple vs Fortnite. Who is doing the right thing

By INAM_ | INAM | 2 Sep 2020

So until now, you might have noticed something going on between Apple and Epic Games or Fortnite. If not so stick around as I will explain it.


Disclaimer: I have an Android phone and I used to play fortnite before it stopped working on my shit PC. So I am not biased towards Epic Games or Apple in any way. Everything that I will write is purely logical and not biased.


What Happened?

If you don't know what happened, let me explain the situation. So basically, Fortnite released a new update for their iOS and Android Apps. So before going any further I want you to know that when you buy something in any app or game, you pay to the developer through apple. And apple cuts a percentage of what you pay as commission. Same with Play Store, except Google takes the commission. So what Fortnite did was, instead of using the normal apple pay and google pay in-app purchase system, it made people to pay directly to Epic Games for purchases. This way neither Apple nor Google would get their in-app purchase commission. This made both Apple and Google angry, resulting in Fortnite getting delisted from App Store and Play Store. Apple was the first to delist Fortnite and as soon as Apple delisted Fortnite, a video was released on Fortnite's YouTube channel. It was an animated and fortnitish version of Apple's 1984 Mac commercial. This means Epic Games did everything on purpose and knew Apple would delist fortnite from App Store.


Why is Epic Games shitting with Apple?

Epic Games want another App Store on iOS. Why? I researched about it and found out it was related to tencent and wechat. I don't exactly remember what reason I read.

Why Epic is not shitting with google? That is because anyone, even you, can make his own App Store on Android. Another reason could be that Epic didn't thought Google will delist Fortnite from Play Store. Last time when I installed Fortnite on my phone, it installed an Epic Games Launcher App instead and Fortnite had to be downloaded from that. I think now they will promote that as their "official" place to download Fortnite and also would want to get more games on Android's Epic Games Store.


Who is Good and Who is Bad?

Some Epic Games fanboys will say that Fortnite did the right thing, there should be another App Store on iOS, blah blah blah. If you just google right now "Is Ios more secure than Android" you will see from the results that IOS is more secure. One of the reasons is that only apps verified by Apple can be installed on IOS. That means a user can not install a virus thinking it is GTA 5 for mobile. If there was a second App Store on IOS, that means there are non-Apple verified apps which could contain virus. Other than that, Apple doesn't charges a user monthly fee to use IOS. Instead it takes fee from developers to continue working on IOS and improve your experience. There is no reason for Apple to be working on IOS if it won't be getting any money from it. Do you want to use 2007's IOS or today's?

Now think about it yourself. Do you want a unsecure Iphone? Obviously no. You want a secure Iphone. Why should Apple kill one of Iphone's main selling point? Just be at Apple's place and think about it yourself for a moment. There are millions of other Games on App Store, why should Apple change their policies for one of those games?

So basically Fortnite is bad. Apple is good. If you still think Fortnite is good, just tell me 1 thing fortnite is right about. Just 1 thing. 



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