Free Crypto! Coinbase. Probably the best quick free money site.

By Tritium | In search of free crypto | 17 Dec 2020

Yes, Coinbase. I know they have a bad reputation in terms of customer service, but they are a big name and reliable with your crypto - AKA not a scam site. Big bonuses like what is on offer here can usually only be found on dodgy sites. But c’mon! this is Coinbase; if you have fallen out with them previously, this is the time to give them another chance.

If you have never used Coinbase but are put off by the stories of woeful customer care, put all that to one side and do what I did, approach it as an experiment where you will give none of your own money and just see how much you can make.

So here’s how -

Some free Crypto sites require you to mine, some require you to stake & some are scams. Coinbase has staking of course but if you’re looking for  ~$100 or so in quick free money that you can transfer into whatever wallet you want right away, learning with Coinbase is the way to do it.

Coinbase has lots of learning projects. Before you run for the hills, it is not like school or a long winded course or anything like that. It is the easiest learning you will do. You watch an explainer video (approx. 3 mins each), then answer a question at the end  to prove you were paying attention. You are then awarded a small payment of crypto. How small? see the figures below... 

One of the projects like Compound. 3 videos each pay $3 worth of COMP, then it pays you another $10 for completing a walk-through-talk-through of staking USDC. The system even gives you the USDC and the ETH for gas fees!  

Get the app, open it up and find this big purple button on the home page – you have to scroll a bit:

free crypto bonus

Once in the rewards area see what is on offer and get yourself signed up and on the waitlist. For me the waitlist was only 2 days for the first one, but then the rest followed very quickly after that. Within a week I had over $100 worth of crypto for free which is now nestled firmly in my Celsius wallet earning compound weekly interest. More on Celsius in my next blog. 

Wait… a WAITLIST? Don’t panic, I have a little shortcut for you below. If you’re already a Coinbase member use the shortcuts now, if you’re new sign up first then come back here once you’re official and use the links for quicker access to the dosh!

There are some projects that have ran out of funds, you can still watch the vids to learn about the projects but no payments are made to you. The ones currently paying out are (according to my app):

Maker (MKR) - $6 worth from videos

Celo (CGLD) - $6 worth from videos

Stella (XLM) - $10 worth from videos and a further $40 from referrals.

Band (BAND) - $3 worth from videos and a further $40 from referrals.

Compound (COMP) - $9 from videos, $10 from the staking task (added to this is $3 USDC and ~$5 worth of ETH) and a further $40 from referrals.

More projects are due online and at any point and one or more of the ‘currently out of funds’ projects might get a new injection of cash any time now. Position yourself to benefit now. 

Never been on Coinbase before? – use this link –

Already got a Coinbase account? Use these links to ensure you jump the waitlists –






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In search of free crypto
In search of free crypto

I love free Crypto. When I find it I'll write a brief blog about it and post it here

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