and your ecosystem. Logo and your ecosystem.

And here I think it is right to dwell on one of the most serious and performing platforms of the moment.

This token utility that allows you to operate within the exchange.

And within the same it can be put in staking with a 20% interest exchangeReward for 35.000 CRO IN STAKING












This is my ref link if you download the application and order the card by staking for 6 months you will have € 50 in MCO the other token utility for debit cards.


The arrival of cards linked to the app account is now a matter of weeks.

The Syndicate initiative was a great success: 

where gradually launching the new Token on its exchange starting from EOS arriving at the last closed Cosmo ATOM, with bitcoin lite intermezzo at 25% discount.

The next one is Chain Link

Chain Link on Stndicate

As always, a small glance and then discover first lost the thousand services of one of the apps in my opinion that will change the sector more.

P.S pay 10% cash back 🚀🤫


Thanks if you read me, see you next time,

Crypto coffe & others 

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Crypto coffe & others
Crypto coffe & others

I am a 33 year old Tuscan entrepreneur in the food sector, and a great enthusiast for blockchain and cryptocurrency...

In crypto we trust!! interest!!
In crypto we trust!! interest!!

In this blog with a little inexperience, I will try to touch on topics that I come across daily in the world of blockchain...

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