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Here we are, we start the week with a project I came across about 3 months ago.

The company launched 3 apps all downloadable from the Apple store etc. but we won't talk about one because we don't care.

The first is simpler:

I attach 2 photos one of the screen of the possible crypto that can be won if you reach the established amount, one of the main screen of the geomining.

Coin App is very user friendly, therefore easy to discover, it has a paid plan that I do not use personally, but there is the possibility of integrating the sentries for a higher remuneration, I attach photos.

Few rules Coin App can be downloaded subpiu devices recommended with different emails, but for token transfers, for example, their XYO can put the same erc-20 address.Sentinel!!


  XYO NETWORK instead it's a little more complicated in my opinion.

Still in beta for some aspects, the company aims to be able to create a service for tracking parcels, that is, our shipments that we entrust to Fedex, UPS, DHL, therefore creating a network for VIP deliveries can be said or with a much more innovative tracking service linked to the Blckchain.

The XYO Token has changed on KuCoin, and in the network ecosystem there is the possibility of staking, an intermediate difficulty level in my opinion.

Home XYO network

In XYO network then there is the possibility of creating the bridgex with the famous RASBERRY PI, I attach photos ..


BridgexHome page of bridgeX

Here are some links for internet 3.0 find in browser of Trust Wallet or Metamask.

Below are the photos of the staking activated only 2 days ago because it takes bridgex and a Trust wallet screen with 60,000 XYO.

Reward of stakingXYO TOKEN

As always, few technicalities and few explanations, however, is the beauty of a cue that must then be studied in depth.

Thanks for the reading..

Crypto coffe & others
Crypto coffe & others

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In crypto we trust!! interest!!
In crypto we trust!! interest!!

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