How to mine ADA, TRX, and others?

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Most of us know that cryptos like ADA, TRX, SOL... don't have an algorithm they can be "officialy mined with".

However, in case your really want to get cryptos like those in exchange for your hash power, there is a workaround.


To mine these cryptos, you will need to get a program called "Unmineable".

To download it you want to go to this website and click the download section in the upper part of the screen.

You should download the one that says (miner files included) for easier setup...

The file will be flagged as malware (as would any other crypto miner), you will need to make an exception or turn off your antivirus.

From there it is pretty straight forward, you select that you want to use your GPU for mining, unless of course you have an AMD Threadripper PRO 3995WX, you should select GPU :D

From there you want to select the coin you want to mine, and the address you want to get your payout.

For that you are going to need a wallet which i will explain how to set up.

How to set up a wallet (easiest way):

Unlock your phone, go to your Play Store or App Store, doesn't matter it just depends on which device you are on, download Trust Wallet, and just follow the setup instructions. From there you can hit receive and copy your address and paste it into your PC.





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