Why Bitcoin Scares Joe Biden and Governments Around the World.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 30 Apr 2023

In mid-2021, China announced that it was banning Bitcoin mining in its territory. The same ban was announced for cryptocurrency mining in general.

Many thought that this would throw Bitcoin into chaos. This was not the case and the Bitcoin mining industry began its great exodus to America.

At the time, it was a more protective jurisdiction.

In September 2021, China went a step further and banned the use of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by its citizens.

In a country where Winnie the Pooh was banned, due to his striking resemblance to Xi Jinping, this came as no surprise to anyone.

The CCP loves to ban anything that is a sign of progress and freedom for the people. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency giving power back to the people. Unacceptable to the CCP, which has been pushing its digital yuan on the Chinese people since late 2019 to put in place the last missing piece to its puzzle of China's mass surveillance society.

That the CCP has banned Bitcoin, that Russia has done so, or that other countries ruled by autocrats or dictators are making such decisions is not surprising.

The values of Bitcoin are the opposite of the values of these countries.

Bitcoin is a true democracy where no one has more power than another. All users are equal within the Bitcoin system.

So one would hope that the Biden administration and all Western governments that present themselves as great defenders of democracy would welcome Bitcoin with open arms.

After all, America is waging wars all over the world to promote peace and install democracy (LOL). Each time, they have been resounding failures, but the important thing is elsewhere for America because it protects the American dollar system.

Because yes, the real meaning of these wars is not to promote democracy in the world, but rather to ensure that America keeps the exorbitant privilege of issuing the world's reserve currency.

Once you understand this, you will no longer be surprised that the Biden administration is leading an operation to try to destroy the cryptocurrency industry by targeting exchange platforms.

That this is hurting innovation in America is not something that bothers Joe Biden and his administration.

The current American-dominated system must be protected at all costs. For other Western governments, it is the same issue. The euro is not the world's reserve currency, but the euro carries a lot of weight, and the EU will do anything to protect its system.

While the EU wants to be an exemplary free market, it will do everything to prevent Bitcoin from being chosen by the people. This would be its right in a free market where everyone is free to make their own choices.

But if the people were to choose Bitcoin en masse, Joe Biden and governments around the world would lose their power to create money. This is obviously out of the question.

Everything will be done to protect the power of the Fed, ECB, and other central banks.

Thus, these large-scale operations to destroy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are primarily aimed at making way for the introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

The digital dollar or the digital euro will be imposed on you much faster than you can imagine it.

Once these digital versions of fiat currencies are imposed on you, you may finally understand that Joe Biden and the Westerners share the same desire as the CCP to control, monitor and censor you.

They love to point fingers at the CCP, which is far from exemplary in other respects, but they too are not above reproach.

The Biden administration and Western governments will do anything to keep their power. The power that belongs to the people, but which they do not want to see returned to them.

That is why they are afraid of the Bitcoin system and are trying to discourage the general public from understanding the why of Bitcoin. Because as soon as the general public understands the why of Bitcoin, you can be sure that Bitcoin will eventually become the world's reserve currency.

Where these powerful people in the current system are wrong is in thinking that their attempts will be enough to prevent Bitcoin from ever reaching that status. In my opinion, this is a possibility that is growing stronger day by day as the US dollar continues to weaken and countries will have no real alternative between a weak euro and a yuan manipulated by China.

Bitcoin, neutral and apolitical, will eventually prevail. Just a matter of time.

The efforts of Joe Biden and other Western governments will go down in history as futile attempts to stop a people's revolution whose time is on its side.

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