Think, Get Freedom, and Grow Rich (with Bitcoin)

Think, Get Freedom, and Grow Rich (with Bitcoin)

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 20 Sep 2021

Napoleon Hill's "Think And Grow Rich" is one of the most influential bestsellers of all time. It has sold over 60 million copies worldwide. If you haven't read it yet, I encourage you to read it at least once. Personally, it is a book that I have read and reread several times.

Each time I rediscover passages that challenge me and make me think.

Having re-read it recently, I rediscovered this passage that challenged me:

“When making your plan to earn your share of wealth, don't be swayed by those who mock your dreams.”

This sentence is very meaningful when you have been in the Bitcoin world for several years like me. When I first read this book, Bitcoin did not yet exist and this sentence did not appeal to me in the same way.

Things are different today.

You cannot be truly rich without the freedom to live your life on your own terms

With Bitcoin, you are facing an unprecedented monetary revolution. A revolution aimed at giving you back the power over your money. So you need to think about what money means and more importantly how to keep your share of wealth to achieve your dreams.

Achieving your dreams means living your life on your own terms.

You can't live your life the way you want to if you don't have the freedom to do what you want with your money. In today's monetary and financial system, you can't make your own choices about money.

If you wish to save the fruit of your labor, you will mechanically lose money because of the incessant monetary inflation that we have been experiencing for several decades. Everything is done to make you spend your money on useless things.

The consumer society convinces you that you constantly need new useless things.

By taking back the power over your money, Bitcoin gives you freedom

To be rich in the noble sense of the word, that is to say, to be able to lead the life of your choice with those you love, you will have to conquer freedom with your money. This is a prerequisite. Without it, you will be condemned to earn more and more money just to keep your current standard of living.

The dollar system is one of widespread impoverishment. For those who live in the West, the vicious circle is slower than for the rest of the world. That's why I keep saying that Bitcoin is primarily for the poorest 95% of the people on earth.

If you live in America, Canada, or Europe, you can also embrace the Bitcoin revolution to protect your future and gain that freedom. Nevertheless, many fail to understand the value of the Bitcoin revolution in the West, as they do not suffer the same injustice of the current system as the rest of the world.

Being rich in the current system does not have the same meaning as being rich in the Bitcoin system. Being rich with weak money that is constantly being devalued and cannot be used as you please within the current banking system is not something you should be satisfied with.

You deserve more. You deserve to be able to achieve your dreams by living your life. You should be able to spend your money if you want to, not because monetary inflation is going to take away your purchasing power anyway.

Saving the fruits of your labor securely is a basic human right. It's a right that Bitcoin guarantees you.

Final Thoughts

By making the effort to uncover the ugly truth about the current system, you will eventually understand why Bitcoin is your best weapon for achieving freedom and becoming truly wealthy. Not just financial wealth, but wealth in the noble sense of the word.

So to fully benefit from it, you must never let others make fun of your dreams. This is the key, as Napoleon Hill had so well highlighted in the past. It's more relevant than ever with Bitcoin.

Those who embraced the Bitcoin revolution before anyone else, and stayed HODLers no matter what, are the most rewarded today. And the future that awaits Bitcoin will reward them even more. You can do the same by taking the initial step that will make all the difference in the future: thinking.

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