The Greatest Reward You Can Ever Get as a Bitcoiner

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 8 Jun 2021

I discovered Bitcoin in 2014. At the time, I must admit that I didn't realize how important Bitcoin would be later in my life. I hadn't yet understood why Bitcoin was a monetary revolution that was about to change the world we live in for the better.

In 2014, I was more interested in the technical side of Bitcoin. So I started studying Bitcoin's white paper and its source code. I had fun creating my own Blockchain with a behavior similar to that of Bitcoin in Java. I was really impressed by Bitcoin's technological prowess.

However, once I became aware of the disruptive nature of the Bitcoin system, I hadn't gone much further. It was finally at the beginning of 2017 that I became more interested in Bitcoin beyond the technical aspect. Since then, I have never given up on it.

Bitcoin has changed my life in an incredible way

I finally decided at the end of 2017 to write daily about the Bitcoin revolution to share my knowledge, but also to make sure that I always continue to learn new things. Indeed, when you seek to write about Bitcoin every day, you are obliged to constantly deepen your knowledge.

That's how I've been able to discover incredible things about how money and economics work. This willingness to constantly deepen my knowledge has allowed me to see the ugly truth about the current monetary and financial system. A truth that the educational system had always tried to hide from me.

It is clearly no coincidence that everything is done to keep the people in complete ignorance of the functioning of the current system. As Henry Ford said, a popular revolution would quickly break out if the people were to discover this truth.

Bitcoin is the perfect embodiment of this peaceful popular revolution against a system whose injustice appears in broad daylight for a growing number of people day after day. Of course, the economic crisis of 2020 has accelerated more than ever the public's awareness that the current system could not last another 50 years.

By dint of writing about Bitcoin, what was bound to happen happened. I became a Bitcoiner, a Bitcoin Maximalist even. I think that only Bitcoin really matters in the long run.

While my discourse on Bitcoin has never changed, the fact that its price overcame $60K in April 2021 means that many people are slowly beginning to open their eyes to this incredible monetary revolution that will eat everything in its path. So I have more and more people telling me how lucky I am to have gotten into Bitcoin several years ago. Even the May 2021 Bitcoin crash to $30K doesn't change the case. They still think that luck plays a role in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is about power, not money

These people still don't understand what Bitcoin really means to me, and us Bitcoiners.

For us, Bitcoin is about power, not money. Of course, by securing the fruits of your labor within the Bitcoin network, you will eventually become rich. This is because Bitcoin is the hardest money in the world, but also because all fiat currencies are weak money.

Nevertheless, if I buy Bitcoin month after month using a Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy, it is not to get rich. It is simply to protect the fruits of my labor from the ravages of monetary inflation and censorship. I want to protect my wealth from the flaws of the current system so that I can live my life on my own terms.

This desire for self-sovereignty is the key. Run your own node on the Bitcoin network, and you will have de facto access to the best bank in the world: yourself.

If getting rich sooner or later isn't my greatest reward as a Bitcoiner, you have to ask yourself what is. I get it from time to time on TwitterQuoraSubstack, or Medium when some of the people who read my articles call me. Recently, one of my readers told me that he thanked me for opening his eyes to the Bitcoin revolution.

My greatest reward is to help the Bitcoin revolution move forward

Convinced by my articles, he finally decided to leave all the Altcoins, which are just Sh*tcoins, for good. He understood that only Bitcoin really matters in the long run. This person told me that he had become a Bitcoiner in his turn and that he was giving his time to help other people to open their eyes in turn.

This is where my greatest reward lies. Seeing that I have been able to help people get out of the vicious circle of generalized impoverishment of the current system. Seeing that these people bought Bitcoin not just to get rich someday, but to take control of their lives. The ultimate reward was to read that this person was also spending time to spread the good word about Bitcoin.

This is how the Bitcoin revolution is progressing. As Bitcoiners, we are like missionaries who have to try every day to make as many people as possible understand what Bitcoin is, but more importantly, why it is our only alternative to the flaws of the current system that will eventually collapse in the future.

By succeeding in making some people open their eyes, I receive the greatest reward of all. The reward of advancing the Bitcoin revolution at my modest level. This is more important to me than all the money in the world.

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