Robert F. Kennedy puts the CBDCs Vs. Cryptocurrencies debate in the American political arena. Let's hope that the general public understands the urgency to act to protect themselves.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 11 Apr 2023

Bitcoiners have been telling you for years that governments around the world are planning to introduce CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) sooner or later, which will be a horror for the citizens and a joy for the society of mass surveillance that the powerful people at the head of the current system want to establish.

It is rather sad to note that until now the subject did not seem to catch on among the general public.

Many imagine that the Bitcoiners' warnings are just rhetoric and that it will never happen. However, the risk is more than ever there in front of us, as I frequently tell you.

For a few weeks now, however, we have noticed that the debate is slowly making its way into the political arena in America.

Robert F. Kennedy has just chosen to highlight the CBDCs Vs. Cryptocurrencies debate to the general public via a tweet that I let you discover below:


This tweet from Robert F. Kennedy contains so many interesting things that I didn't have enough colors to highlight everything :D.

Robert F. Kennedy first reminds us of the bad faith of the Fed and other members of the Biden administration when they say that FedNow is not a first step towards a digital dollar.

Considering the operation to eradicate the cryptocurrency industry by the Biden administration for several months now, we can suspect that the goal is to clear the way for the introduction of a digital dollar sooner or later.

Robert F. Kennedy then reminds us that the Fed has printed out of thin air more than $10T between 2008 and 2022:

"A bonanza for the Banksters."

Robert F. Kennedy then says what all Bitcoiners have known for a long time:

"Bitcoin gives the public an escape route from the splatter zone when this bubble invariably bursts."

The interest of the White House is clearly to prevent this in order to help the Banksters to keep the people under control.

Robert F. Kennedy then recalls the many incidents that emerged during the Biden administration's operation against the cryptocurrency industry. He recalls how President Biden weaponized FDIC, OCC + DOJ to force crypto-friendly banks to close their doors to crypto firms since Dec. 3.

The recent crackdown on crypto blocks exit ramps removes alternative rails and strengthens government control over both the financial and political systems.

Finally, Robert F. Kennedy explains that we should be warier than ever of CBDCs which should be seen as the ultimate mechanism for social surveillance and control.

He recalls Balaji Srinivasan's comparison between FedNow and "a virus that has evolved to evade recognition by changing its sequence without really changing its function."

This strong and unambiguous stance by Robert F. Kennedy is all the more important as he aims to challenge Joe Biden on the Democratic side for the 2024 presidential election. It is reassuring to see that there are still some politicians in America ready to defend the best interests of the American people.

Let's hope that this will really launch the debate within the general public, because time is running out for the greatest number of people to become aware of the dangers of CBDCs, and of the need to look for alternatives.

The most obvious one is obviously the one I talk to you about every day: BITCOIN.

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