Money Printing is an Unstoppable Addiction. Bitcoin is the Cure.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 12 Jul 2023

The current monetary and financial system is totally flawed and not fixable.

The only response to every crisis from central bankers like Jerome Powell is to print more fiat money out of thin air.

This only postpones even bigger problems. The problem is that each time, the fiat money to be printed out of thin air to give the illusion that the problems have been solved keeps increasing in exponential proportions.

30 years ago, a few billion dollars were enough... 20 years ago, tens of billions of dollars ... 10 years ago, a hundred billion dollars... Today, we're talking in trillions of dollars...

The situation just keeps getting worse, and in the face of this unstoppable addiction to money printing, to which central bankers keep giving in, Bitcoin is the Cure.

More and more people will understand this in the future, as the flaws in the current system continue to be exposed more and more each day.

The sooner you understand that Bitcoin is your solution to protecting your future regarding money, the better for your future.


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