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How Time Flies! Two Years Ago, Michael J. Saylor Decided to Go All-in on Bitcoin With MicroStrategy

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 11 Aug 2022

August 11, 2020, will remain a special day in the history of Bitcoin, just like September 7, 2021. On the first date, it was on the day that the CEO of a large American tech company listed on the stock exchange announced that his company was fully committed to the Bitcoin adventure.

Michael J. Saylor surprised everyone on August 11, 2020, by officially announcing that MicroStrategy was making Bitcoin its primary treasury reserve asset. The surprise was all the greater because the same Michael J. Saylor had condemned Bitcoin as a scam a few years earlier.

And then, like all Bitcoin opponents who decide to look beyond their preconceptions and fears, Michael J. Saylor became a Bitcoiner after studying Bitcoin in depth. Once you take the time to learn about Bitcoin, you can't help but become a Bitcoiner.

The first reactions of opposition are human. Faced with something you've never seen before because it's different from anything you know, you can't help but be wary.

Where the U.S. dollar and other fiat currencies are merely units of debt, dependent on central bankers and governments, Bitcoin is a unit of wealth, totally independent of central bankers and government control. Bitcoin is hard money based on a P2P system whose impact on the world of the future is still poorly understood by the majority of the world's inhabitants.

If we are early for Bitcoin in 2022, just imagine in August 2020 ...

At that time, Michael J. Saylor announced a purchase of 21,454 BTC for an aggregate price of $250M, or $11,653 per Bitcoin. He has just posted a tweet to remember this historic moment again:

At the time, many doubted Michael J. Saylor's strength of conviction about Bitcoin. What followed proved them wrong. He has become a formidable advocate for Bitcoin, always ready to respond to the criticism and false attacks of opponents. And there is work to be done!

While no one is more important than another in the Bitcoin world, we need people who can carry the voice of the community in the media to defend what Bitcoin is. This is vital because Bitcoin has no dedicated marketing team.

We are all responsible for promoting Bitcoin to as many people as possible. Not for our interests, but first and foremost, so that everyone has the chance to protect their future with Bitcoin.

When attacks continued to mount on the allegedly negative environmental impact of Bitcoin mining, Michael J. Saylor helped unite the North American Bitcoin mining industry in the Bitcoin Mining Council. An association aimed at stopping the gratuitous attacks on the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment.

Indeed, without numbers, it is always easy to say that Bitcoin is an ecological disaster. With the reports published quarterly by the Bitcoin Mining Council, it's harder to do that, as the numbers clearly show that Bitcoin is an opportunity to promote the development of renewable energy.

By the end of Q2 2022, nearly 60% of the electricity consumed by the Bitcoin mining industry is from renewable energy sources. Something remarkable that Bitcoin opponents will never tell you. You can imagine why!

Since entering the Bitcoin world, Michael J. Saylor has also shown that he has a long-term strategy by pursuing the same strategy as the rest of us Bitcoiners of buying in DCA mode regardless of the price of Bitcoin. Judge for yourself the list of MicroStrategy's BTC purchases that I compile on the dedicated site “Bitcoin DCA like Michael J. Saylor”:


The Bear Market has made it harder for Michael J. Saylor to buy more BTC. He admits it himself, but despite the rumors spread by scammers on Twitter in particular, Michael J. Saylor is standing firm. When you are convinced by Bitcoin, you know what you have to do: HODL no matter what.

The difference with Elon Musk who simply wanted to take advantage of the Bitcoin community is glaring. Michael J. Saylor is here to advance the Bitcoin revolution.

That's why he has decided to step down as CEO to focus fully on MicroStrategy's Bitcoin strategy in the future by becoming Chairman of the company he founded. Further proof that Michael J. Saylor is here to stay.

Final Thoughts

The future will prove Michael J. Saylor right, and it is certain in my eyes that he will be recognized as the best CEO of the decade. Time is on the side of Bitcoin and all Bitcoiners, like Michael J. Saylor, you, and me.

Finally, if Michael J. Saylor has one regret, and he has already expressed it, it is that he has not been able to accumulate enough BTC in the past two years. MicroStrategy has nearly 130K of them, but you must feel the same way. Once you understand why Bitcoin is so important, you feel like you could never accumulate enough.

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