HODLing vs Trading Bitcoin: Make the Good Choice for Protecting Your Future Regarding Money

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 3 Jun 2021

Bitcoin is a monetary revolution that will change the world of the future for the better. However, for many people, Bitcoin is primarily a new asset with phenomenal upside potential. Its price has gone from a few cents in 2010 to nearly $65K in April 2021.

All this obviously whets the appetite of investors of all stripes.

It's clearly no coincidence that more and more institutional investors have been buying Bitcoin for several months now. As an individual, you are made aware of the importance of being patient when you enter this new world.

A monetary revolution like Bitcoin takes time and therefore requires patience

While Bitcoin is a revolution, all revolutions of this magnitude take time.

So to take full advantage of Bitcoin, you'd better become a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what. That means buying Bitcoin, putting it in cold storage, and forgetting about it for at least the next ten years. In ten years, you'll be happier than ever that you made that choice.

While the price of Bitcoin keeps rising over the long term, it can also experience an extended Bear Market like the one in 2018. At that time, the price of Bitcoin dropped by $20K to a low of $3.2K by the end of the year. Many people panicked and sold their BTC at a loss during this Bear Market.

Bitcoiners took the opportunity to accumulate more BTC.

This is how Bitcoin HODLers operate. For them, only one number matters: the number of BTC they HODL. The more BTC you have in your possession, the better for your future.

Some people lose patience and start trading out of greed to earn more

Not everyone can stay on this course. Some people end up giving in to the sirens of trading. These people have reasoning like this:

"I'll sell Bitcoin on a top and then buy back more on a bottom."

"I'll sell Bitcoin to buy Altcoins and profit from the Altseason. Then I might buy even more BTC."

You've probably already talked to people who have this line of reasoning. The prospect of getting even more BTC this way can be appealing I must admit.

However, by doing so, you would be taking a huge risk. When you sell your BTC, there is no guarantee that it will actually fall any lower. You may never be able to have as much BTC as you had in your possession.

For those who buy Altcoins, the problem is worse: you could lose everything because of projects whose purpose is only to allow their creators to make a lot of money.

In short, you are putting at risk the fruit of your labor that you had decided to save in the system that represents the best savings technology in the world. That's a risk I'm personally not willing to take. For all Bitcoiners, it's the same thing.

99% of people will lose money by trading with Bitcoin rather than becoming a HODLer no matter what

We all know how much the smallest BTC and the smallest Satoshi accumulate will change our money future. Under these conditions, there is no way we can let greed get the better of the Bitcoin revolution.

Some people tell me that they adopt this strategy and manage to get more BTC. I don't deny that. You may succeed in the short term in doing this. But in the long run, you will always lose out by choosing to be a Trader rather than a HODLer. Trading is a specific activity that requires skills that 99% of the people who come into this world do not have.

So, you will be fighting against people better than you who will always use this advantage to beat you.

You can try to move up in skill, but along the way, you may lose money. Even worse, many end up leaving this world in disgust at having wasted so much money and time. So your best bet is to be patient and take the long view.

Bitcoin will see its price rise sharply again in the future. Seeing the price of Bitcoin reach the million-dollar mark by 2040 is a big possibility for me. The first target is to see Bitcoin's market cap surpass gold by the end of this decade.

Final Thoughts

You need to act like a HODLer accumulating Bitcoin month after month in a patient manner. For this, the DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) purchase strategy is your best ally. It will prevent you from falling into the trap of those who never take action and always want to buy Bitcoin at a lower price.

When the urge to become a Bitcoin trader awakens in you, remember what I just wrote. Then make the best choice for your future regarding money. In my opinion, it is to become a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what. It's up to you as always!

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