Here Is Your "Unfair Advantage" With Bitcoin. Will You Exploit It to the Fullest?

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 7 Mar 2023

Have you ever heard of the term “Unfair Advantage”?

If you're interested in the world of entrepreneurship, you've probably heard the term “Unfair Advantage.” For those of you who don't know what it is, don't worry, I'll explain the concept behind the term.

The term “Unfair Advantage” is often used to refer to what a company cannot buy or copy: data, market experience, brand awareness, user community, talented team, ... All these elements are natural barriers to entry for potential competitors.

We can see that successful companies usually have their own “Unfair Advantage” in one field or another.

Extending this concept to individuals, some speakers explain that we all have an “Unfair Advantage.” It is up to you to find it so that you can excel in the area where it will work best for you.

After that preamble, you might ask yourself what this has to do with Bitcoin. Because yes, that is what you are interested in here. How does the concept of “Unfair Advantage” relate to Bitcoin from an investor's perspective, and more importantly, from an individual's perspective?

In my opinion, it is quite appropriate for investors, and even more so for individuals who are interested in self-sovereignty.

As I said recently in the article “Your Exchange Platform Is Worse Than a Bank. Send Your Bitcoin to Your Hardware Wallet to Access the Best Bank in the World,” the number of Bitcoin users at the end of 2022 was 219 million. So we're talking about an estimate of 219 million users, while the number of people on Earth exceeded 8 billion at the end of 2022.

So you have something like 2.7% of the world population using Bitcoin.

Of course, of those 219 million, how many have understood the why of Bitcoin? How many of them are ready to focus all their energy, time, and money in the only direction that makes sense as far as digital assets are concerned: the Bitcoin revolution?

At most 10%. Maybe even less.

That means that something like 0.27% of the world's population understands the why of Bitcoin as I write this. This image should help you visualize this better:


I guess you have started to see your “Unfair Advantage” with Bitcoin appear before you. If you make the effort to study carefully Bitcoin, then you will understand its why and would be able to be one of the few people on Earth able to take full advantage of Bitcoin right now.

With Bitcoin, everyone pays their units at the price they deserve. This means that the sooner you buy Bitcoin, while being patient, the greater your reward in the future.

Mind you, I'm not talking about financial rewards here, but something much more important: financial freedom. Because Bitcoin is first and foremost a tool for freedom. Bitcoin gives you back the power over your money. As the monetary and financial system threatens to collapse and governments around the world seek to impose their CBDCs on you in the future, you can only be better off if you have Bitcoin on your side that cannot be debased and censored.

Bitcoin is a unit of wealth. Independent of the control of governments and central bankers.

My interest is to buy Bitcoin while I can because I am very much afraid that sooner or later governments will try to prohibit us from doing so for arbitrary and spurious reasons. With Bitcoin, it will then be possible to resist peacefully and enjoy the fruits of your labor via a circular economy based on the Bitcoin system independent of the current system.

This sounds utopian, or dystopian, as you wish, but it is something we must prepare for.

Once you have this in mind, I consider that you will see in your hands your “Unfair Advantage” with Bitcoin. The big question I'd like to ask you is: Will you pass up the opportunity to fully exploit your “Unfair Advantage” with Bitcoin or will you take advantage of it to change your future life for the better?

It's up to you as always.

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A retest of the $20K is coming up in the days and weeks to come.


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