Don't be surprised if Apple bans the Nostr client Damus from its App Store. Centralization has always allowed Apple to abuse its position. The real mistake lies with the developers who publish their applications on the Apple App Store.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 27 Jun 2023

As for the banning of Damus, a Nostr client for iOS, there's something rather ironic about it, I must say.

It's nothing new that Apple and Google are constantly making arbitrary decisions about their app stores.

These two web giants have locked up the market with iOS and Android, and they're abusing their power. But the question is: Why can they afford this? Where do they get their power from?

Developers, whose first reflex is to publish their applications on the App Store and Play Store.

Obviously, exposure is maximum, and you're more likely to reach millions of people. But at what price? You give in to the ease and centralization that gives all this power to these two giants.

When these giants then arbitrarily ban you, there's no point crying. You've made that choice!

So, what are the solutions? Switch to Progressive Web Apps and/or direct publication of links to download applications.

It'll be harder to reach millions of people, but that's how, and only that way, can we take the power away from these giants.

It's the same with Bitcoin, which aims to take power away from the Banksters by helping you take power back over your money.

Finally, one last question: don't you find it ironic that the promoters of a social network built on a decentralized protocol (Nostr) should give in to the ease of centralization by publishing their application on the Apple App Store?

In my opinion, Damus should never have been published there. It's the first mistake that's paid for with a ban today.

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