Bitcoin Is the Best Money Ever Created.

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 22 Apr 2024

Bitcoin highlights the virtues of programmatic monetary policy where everything is predictable.

The rules of Bitcoin's monetary policy are known in advance, and human arbitrariness can't change a thing. That's why I keep telling you that Bitcoin's guarantees are linked to its protocol and that they enable you to protect the fruits of your labor over time.

Bitcoin is nothing less than the best money ever created.


Bitcoin is based on a decentralized network. No one can stop the Bitcoin network because of this decentralization.

Bitcoin is based on superior monetary attributes. A hard-capped BTC supply of 21 million units no matter what. A programmatic monetary policy that allows you to avoid the stress that investors in the current system have at every Fed meeting. Rather than trying to fight the Fed on its playing field, that of the current system, the best thing you can do is move the fight to the playing field that's in your favor: that of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the people's currency!

Bitcoin is borderless. You can transfer your wealth to the other side of the planet in an instant. No one can censor you if you have the private keys to your Bitcoin. No one can demand that you justify the use of the fruits of your labor. It's your money and you use it as you wish.

Bitcoin is permissionless. Anyone can participate in the Bitcoin network. I'd go so far as to say that everyone must participate in the Bitcoin network. Becoming a node on the Bitcoin network is open to everyone, with no strings attached. This will enable you to check for yourself that the rules of the Bitcoin protocol are being verified at all times. It will also enable you to support the Bitcoin network!

Opting for the Bitcoin system goes far beyond mere financial appeal. It's a different way of looking at your life. It's your best chance to take back the power over your life by putting yourself outside the arbitrariness of the current system. With Bitcoin, you secure the fruits of your labor with a unit of wealth without a counterparty. A unit of wealth independent of the yoke of central bankers and governments.

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