Bitcoin Doesn’t Just Protect Your Purchasing Power; It Boosts It in Incredible Ways

Bitcoin Doesn’t Just Protect Your Purchasing Power; It Boosts It in Incredible Ways

By ssaurel | In Bitcoin We Trust | 5 Aug 2021

The current monetary and financial system suffers from seven deadly sins that will eventually cause its downfall. It is only a matter of time in my opinion. If you read me frequently, you are not surprised to see such an assertion to start an article.

Indeed, I have been saying this for months, and I am obviously not the only one.

A growing number of people have understood this. The original sin is undoubtedly the total power given to central banks to print as much fiat money out of thin air as they deem necessary.

The current system needs a Great Reset, but the powerful people of the current system will do nothing to make it happen

Thus, a minority of people not representative of the people can increase the money supply ad infinitum. This is all the more problematic because this endless monetary inflation keeps devaluing what you own in fiat money.

The COVID-19 crisis highlighted this more than ever. Millions of people have finally opened their eyes to the flaws of the current system.

Faced with this gloomy diagnosis, people obviously do not all agree on the remedies to be applied. For some, a Great Reset of the current system is necessary. A Bretton Woods 2.0 is called by politicians and economists. Unfortunately, all this is a pure utopia in my opinion.

You can't expect people who are at the heart of the flaws of a system and who are the biggest beneficiaries of it to set out to change it in depth.

The Great Reset comes from the people and is embodied by Bitcoin

If there is to be a Great Reset, it must come from the people. The people must be able to regain control over their destiny. If I had written this in the early 2000s, many people would have responded:

"That's all well and good, but there is no alternative to the current system."

Fortunately, it is now 2021 and a credible alternative to the current system has been steadily gaining momentum since its launch just over twelve years ago. That alternative is Bitcoin.

Despite its opponents, Bitcoin is a formidable hedge against monetary inflation. Best of all, Bitcoin is de facto accessible to everyone on Earth. You don't need any specific authorization to access the incredible guarantees that Bitcoin gives you.

While Bitcoin's reputation as a protector of purchasing power continues to grow in popularity among the general public, it turns out that a close look at its price evolution ultimately reveals that this is an understatement.

Bitcoin is a phenomenal booster of purchasing power

Bitcoin doesn't just protect your purchasing power, it boosts it in incredible ways.

To better understand this, just look at the numbers. As always, the numbers don't lie. It is the beginning of August as I write this. Now imagine that you bought $100 worth of BTC in August 2011 just 10 years ago.

You would then have decided to put $100 in the most secure decentralized network in the world. The following graph shows you the evolution of your $100 buying power over the following years:

Bitcoin doesn’t just protect your purchasing power; It boosts it in incredible ways - Illustration by @ssaurel

Those who have fundamentally believed in the Bitcoin revolution over the years have been patient. Today, their $100 represents a purchasing power of over $380K!

This is a testament to two things:

  1. The growing success of the Bitcoin system convinces new users every day.

  2. The endless fall of the American dollar system is being challenged by more and more countries and financial players around the world.

To the frequently asked question of how much BTC you should buy, I always answer the same way: put the money you can't afford to lose into the Bitcoin network.

It's as simple as that.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin is the most advanced NgU technology in the world. The years to come will not belie what has happened over the past decade. Rather than making excuses, you need to open your eyes and seize the Bitcoin opportunity.

In the face of the great monetary inflation we are experiencing, the price of Bitcoin will undoubtedly continue to rise sharply in the years to come. This is my opinion and the opinion of more and more investors. Using Bitcoin as a weapon against monetary inflation is probably your best option at this point.

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