Advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies

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things that do not have to do with cryptocurrencies, here are the advantages

Advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies

1) divergence
You have hundreds of coins to invest more than 8500 coins, but without a doubt the bitcoint whose price is today at $ 56,000,000 per unit
it continues to be the leader in this market, as shown in the statista graph that I am going to present below, its capitalization of $ 914,578 million
multiplying by five the next on the list that would be the ETHEREUM, with $ 206,676 million, according to data from coinmarketcap


image from coinmarketcap

2) cheap commissions
Buying stocks and buying cryptocurrencies are much cheaper than going public and buying stocks due to the high cost of commissions.
Also the commissions or mining fee are parts of cryptocurrencies that are given to miners to make a transaction. These little
Donations are the rewards for carrying out this transaction. Because these are in charge of validating operations and generating new
blocks, add them to the blick chain and secure the network, hence the importance


3) you can start from any amount
It is no secret to anyone that the majority of people who fully immerse themselves or begin to enter the world of cryptocurrencies is for the simple reason
that they want to earn extra money to be more profitable, or they are simply unemployed and need to earn money in some way
In this world of cryptocurrencies you can start from $ 0 and earn $ 100 a week.


4) you don't need a bank account
You do not need a bank account or any documentation to invest in cryptocurrencies, you simply need a wallet, this is very good because
we are no longer going to be in a world controlled by few, it is a decentralization


5) higher profitability
there are much more interesting returns, much larger, very difficult to believe than in the world of traditional financial markets,
the world of stocks, the world of futures, the world of FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Sure you can lose your money if you do a bad one
You invest or you don't study enough but the possibilities that come with each bet are worth it.


Why am i doing this blog?
I am 24 years old and I have lived 22 in a dictatorship, I don't know anything else and this is my way out to expel everything I feel and
above it is an economic help that in my situation I need it and I will not deny that I have been very well received with
my previous posts and I like that my voice is heard, which is the voice of the Venezuelan people.
Please if you don't like it, don't support but don't throw hate.

Thanks for listening and I hope you like it.

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Importance of cryptocurrencies in the modern world
Importance of cryptocurrencies in the modern world

Importance of cryptocurrencies in the modern world

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