Earn Crypto while Surfing the Web

By CryptoGeorgia | Fair Game | 18 Mar 2021

We all surf the web on daily basis, especially since COVID 19 keeps most of us at home. What about earning some crypto while doing just that.

There are three crypto projects that I personally use to earn some crypto just for browsing around and without any additional effort. 

Here is the list of those projects: 


1. Presearch
There is no browsing without search. Most of us use Google Search for that. Although, there is quite nice alternative - Presearch. Additionally Presearch awards you with PRE coins for every search entry (1 PRE = $0.1). If you register now, you will get initial 25 PREs for free. 
👉 Register:
Learn more on Presearch social networks: Twitter | Telegram | Medium | YouTube

Besides, there is an active contest on Publish0x, where you can participate until March 28th and win $1,000 in ETH Prizes! 
Learn more about the contest


2. Brave Browser
This browser works no less efficiently than Google Chrome and blocks ads. Besides, it will show you some of its native ads from time to time and award you with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for viewing those ads (1 BAT = $1.2).
👉 Register:


3. CryptoTab Browser
This browser works no less efficiently than Google Chrome. Besides that, will browsing you are mining BTC, with quite low withdrawal minimum. I have ordinary PC, with no enhancements and I am still able to mine some BTC. 
👉 Register: 


To summarize, you can to what you do anyway every day and earn some crypto at the same time. 

Crypto revolution won't be televised. Stay engaged. 

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I am crypto investor, but mainly HODLer.

Fair Game
Fair Game

Slowly crypto issues goes from dark net to the mainstream. This process lead both to fruitful and harmful outcomes for crypto funs. Most alarming is problem with scams, pyramid schemes and pumps and dumps. The only way to diminish impact of these challenges is through crypto education, provided by websites like Publish0x, CoinMarketCap Learn and so forth. Do your own research and learn more before engaging - that would be my advise to everyone.

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