Installing latest version of Metamask extension on Brave Browser (and Chrome)

By iMil | iMil | 8 Jul 2020

I stumble upon a bug when trying to connect my Trezor Wallet to Brave browser, when clicking on "Connect", the connection screen would stay stuck on "Loading".

I tried to find answers on Reddit and Brave's community forum, but no solutions were given, except confirming this was Brave's fault (which actually was not).

After trying many things, I upgraded Metamask with its latest release Github release (8.0.4 at the time of writing this article) and TADA! I was able to connect Brave to the Trezor Wallet.

Now, how exactly can you install the latest Metamask extention:

Developer Mode

  • Now simply drag and drop the created directory with Metamask new release in the extension panel, and it will be installed as an "unpacked" extension.

That's it, you fixed Trezor / Brave connection.

As for updating the extension, fetch the new release from Metamask Github Releases, clean the previously created extension directory and extract the new version into it. When it's done, click the extension reload icon in brave://extensions

Reload extension

Enjoy your bleeding edge extension!


Metamask logo by Christian Jeria

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