As the summer approaches

By GaryH369 | Images By Gary Holyoke | 11 May 2021

As the summer approaches the helicopters will be on the maple trees.

they will be twirling away as they mature to start new trees.

As the summer starts I am starting a Gofundme to upgrade the camera equipment I have and hopefully do a little more photography. 

Please Help fund me here


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I am a self-taught photographer with a website with prints for sale on it. Also contracts if wanted for commercial use. The story of the dove is a question! What, how can I help you? What do we have to do?

Images By Gary Holyoke
Images By Gary Holyoke

Images By Gary Holyoke is my baby hobby project. I have been publishing many photographs on several websites and have many awards on other websites. Later on, through time I will be publishing more blogs on different techniques of my photography that I have self-taught myself. Another site my photography is on is that site you can tip also as seeds or receive tips on your comments.

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