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All fingers are not equal says an adage. It is no longer a news that the wealth distribution in the world is uneven. The reality is that, some people are stupendously rich while some are wretchedly poor. The gap between the rich and the poor is like that of sun and the earth, the difference is clear!

Some have enough to eat, spend and spare while some cannot even afford three square meal a day. The question that readily comes to mind is; how can we bridge the gap of uneven distribution and put smiles on the faces of the less privileged?



Charity donation is a good tool to bridging the gap of inequality and giving hope to the less privileged. According to Forbes, the top 50 givers are among the richest in the world. Meaning that, there is a connection between giving and having abundance.
Warren Buffett is the third richest man in the world and adjudged to be the most charitable man; he has donated more than 55% ($46.6 billion) of his wealth to philanthropic causes. Source

Many people all have been greatly helped by Charity causes, as a matter of fact, some people will not be where they are today if not for the charitable hearts of others. Some have benefited from scholarship scheme, grants, others have been nurtured to health through charity donations, Orphans and other less privileged members of the society have received helping hands through charity. In short, the impact of charity in the society can never be overemphasized.


Inspite of all the benefits of charity, it has been plagued by many shortcomings and challenges, chief among them is lack of trust and misappropriation of funds. Some fellow do take advantage of well meaning citizens who have the heart to give to others. Some organizations have been opened in the name of charity or foundation, whereas the motive behind the set up is to embezzle money from the people. They receive donations from people on behalf of the less privileged but never direct the funds towards helping the needy. This lack of integrity has made many cheerful givers to stop giving towards charity cause.

Another challenge facing charity is lack of anonymous donations. Lots of people don't like their financial transaction records to be traced to their identities, they prefare to remain anonymous and so it becomes difficult for them to give towards charity. Majority prefer anonymity for security reason and others for religious reasons. When fund is transferred through the bank account, there is every possibility to trace the sender of the money and track the financial records.

Possibilities on EDC Blockchain


EDC blockchain is full of different possibilities and one of them is the ability to use the blockchain to promote charity cause and make the world a better place.

One of the ways to achieve this feat is that; Charity organizations can adopt EDC coin as means of transaction. What this means is that, people can give towards charity cause by simply by sending EDC coins to the wallet of the organization. The advantage of this is that, it will afford such charity organization the opportunity to have global audience. People can send in supports from any part of the world in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, charity organizations can also have their unique coins on the EDC blockchain using coin constructor. The unique coins can be used as a means of transaction. People can buy the coin and send it for any charitable cause they want to support.

Anonymous transaction is another feature that has been recently launched on EDC blockchain. (I will write detailed article on this topic soon). What it means is that, users can send transactions without revealing the identity of the sender. This will go a long way to help and encourage users who don't like their identities traced to their charity giving. See the Website

Crowd funding as a means through which people finance their desired plans and projects could be made possible on EDC blockchain. Their could be platform built on EDC block chain purposely for crowd funding project. In that regards, EDC wallets will be opened for different projects and people will give towards the development of the project they love.


On the other hand, coin constructor could be used to produce another unique coin on the EDC blockchain that could be used for the purpose of crowd funding viable projects whose owners do not have the wherewithal to finance projects.

EDC charity is another laundable project on the blockchain to help people in difficult circumstances; such as children with surgical need, children in orphanages, people with disabilities and people in difficult circumstances. A special account is opened which serves as the charitable foundation through which help is deployed to the people in need and put smiles on hopeless peoples' faces.

EDC is not just a blockchain but a platform to make the world a better place. Lot's of opportunities to make a difference abound on EDC blockchain, the choice is yours to join the moving train.

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I'm welcome on board!
I'm welcome on board!

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