It can only get better with application of EDC in the gaming industry

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In 2018, the gaming industry generated $135 billion according to research by market analysts Newzoo. The $134.9 billion market value marks a 10.9% increase over 2017.
It is obvious that the gaming industry is strongly emerging and moving on upward trend towards an indomitable revenue generation with global recognition.

With the emergence of strong global gaming industry is the need for collaboration and strategic partnership to facilitate the growth and help move towards a brighter future.

There are still lots of areas that have not yet been explored in the gaming industry which can bring about mind blowing and outstanding results when explored. For instance, the full integration of the blockchain technology into the gaming industry will bring about tremendous impact and scalability in the highest order.


The immutable nature of the blockchain which makes the data stored on it remain unaltered will help in the building of games especially the storage of user's data and past memories. The the transparency nature helps in the traceability of transactions of computer games. The truth is that, the entire blockchain cannot fit in to all the expected functions.

blockchain technology will invoke a lot of potential in the gaming sector. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, game assets can be made more secure and payment transactions can be made a lot faster than anticipated. It is already making immense improvements in the gaming industry and frees game developers of certain shackles that have plagued the gaming industry for a long time.

EDC blockchain


EDC Blockchain is a succesfull global blockchain platform that provides solutions for businesses both small or medium enterprises. EDC makes it possible for People to tokenise their businesses, using it as means for payments toward goods and services.

The application of EDC in the gaming industry will be a round peg in a round hole and will help in milestone achievements and total transformation of the gaming industry.
Let us check out how the integration of EDC will influence the gaming industry;

Tokenized ecosystem
As EDC blockchain is known for tokenization of ecosystem, be it business or organization through coin constructor or tokenization with EDC coins. The gaming industry can also be tokenized. Game developers would be allowed to create tokenized ecosystems and games on the EDC blockchain . This will support developers who are not conversant with the blockchain operations and specific languages but want to dive into the tokenized gaming. For instance, a particular game might have a constructed token on the EDC blockchain which runs the ecosystem of the game or even get tokenized by EDC coin. What it means is that, EDC coin or constructed coin is accepted for any transaction on the platform.


In-game purchases
Another experience that would be brought to the gaming industry by EDC is the In-game purchases and full integration of EDC blockchain technology which will make the purchases of games be more secure and faster than ever before.
Moreover, many more players will be able to access the games globally by the time the games start the incorporation of EDC Coin as a payment method for in-game purchases. This will eliminate the need for fluctuating exchange valuations and other extra charges attached with international transaction using the conventional bank. There won’t be the need for any intermediaries or financial regulators which will be beneficial for the players.

With EDC coins for in-game purchases, online casinos won’t have to support dozens of payment methods. Players will be able to access their favorite games irrespective of the global currencies that are supported by online casinos. Also, EDC tokens can be provided that will also allow players to buy several in-game items. The possibilities are almost endless.


Gamer's rewards
Integration of EDC into gaming industry can offer ways to players to generate income, create a sense of community and enhance the player experience. This will allow players to reward viewers and streamers alike for their participation. Players can make a steady income from the platform by cashing in on the rewards from several gaming aspects like the time spent on the game. It would be awesome if a gamer gets rewarded for playing a game for more than 4 hours, it will bring about better experience and encourage gaming participation.

Encourages collaboration
With the application of EDC , players will be able to collaborate with other players on every aspect of the game. They will be able to customize and send in-game items to another player in a different game and more. The reality is that, the entire process will happen seamlessly without the any need to log out and log in. Player loyalty will increase as more and more players start utilizing gaming platform built on the EDC blockchain. This will become a boom in the gaming industry.

Cheaper games
The application of EDC completely eliminates the middlemen. It will then allow players to run their personal marketplaces and make the process cheaper for players. Freemium games will benefit the most by adopting EDC coin as the games are based around commodity purchases. The interaction without intermediaries will ensure transparency and security due to the distributed ledger and ensure that the process is simplified.

The application of EDC in gaming industry will be a win-win situation for both the EDC blockchain and the gaming industry as the collaboration will be highly completary and rewarding.

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