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We are currently at the era of automation where almost everything is put on auto pilots for the maximum convinency and comforts of humanity. So, Cryptocurrency traders must wake up to that reality and embrace the future of trading because result in life does not depend how much you sweat, but how smart you are. Smart people embrace smart technologies.

The reality in our world today is that technology is steadily reducing the number of employees in many companies and replacing them with machines

Different organizations and industries are making use of machines such as Robots in place of human efforts. All these are pointer to the fact that automation has come to stay. Anybody that wants to meet up with the event of things in this century must be conversant with automation!

The truth of the matter is that, if one will be effective in the investment and trading of cryptocurrency, one needs a good automated platform to do so.

I want to introduce you to an all encompassing platform where you can enjoy the benefits of automation and artificial intelligence and become informed and effective in the crypto space. The name of the platform is Dropil.


Dropil is a platform that focuses on innovative technologies for autonomous & intelligent trading, reporting and storage in the cryptocurrency world and its Mission is to offer a simple, intuitive, and automated tools for the cryptocurrency market.

Dropil is an all encompassing platform that has everything a crypto trader needs to be successful, which ranges from automated exchange application to crypto signal and information service, to crypto wallet and lots more, all in the same place under one single platform. The names of Applications on the Dropil includes Dex, Arthur, Max, Jade, and Seer (upcoming), Dropil Direct, Paper wallet and Dropil Insight.



Applications on Dropil


Autonomous Trading Platform, DEX


Dex is the autonomous and intelligent trading application in the Dropil's platform that makes users earn drops token based on the automated trading according to smart trading strategies. In Dex system, you just have to set the trading and forget it, every other thing is automated. The Dex consists of three systems which are Risk Pools, Logic Servers and Bot Systems. All of the systems are designed to increase the Drop token held by the user so as to earn returns.

Instead of manual trading system where users have to undergo the stress of sourcing for everything to be done including the current pairing and the price changes, Dex takes care of every little details and ensures that users come back with more holdings of Drop token.
The only way to get started with Dex is to buy Drops token from any of the exchanges that Dropil supports and transfer the token into the Dropil portal wallet and create Dex profile. Then you are good to go get your earnings every fifteen days. It is that simple!

Analysis Signals, Arthur.

One of the ways through which Cryptocurrency traders get their funds lost is lack of authentic information. Many crypto enthusiasts have lost their fortune when they fall for wrong signals analysis and put it their money at risk only to discover later that the analysis was not correct or well done.

When it comes to Arthur Robot Application on Dropil, it gives authentic information from genuine sources. It is automated and it is possible to activate SMS alert to know which currency is trading high. The signals are from various reliable crypto market and exchanges in other to know the Cryptocurrencies that are on top of the table and the exact exchange where they are trading. And one outstanding thing about Arthur is that it updates automatically every 30 seconds, so you can be very sure of the currency of the information it provides.
With Arthur, users are very certain of right market signals. The Premium account will afford you the opportunity to import exchanges API and works directly on them directly from Dropil platform. What a great platform that offers easy way of getting ahead in the crypto world!

Smart Wallet, Max

Max is the only wallet you will ever need when it comes to automating in the world of cryptocurrency. Max gives every user the leverage to have in built wallet for the transactions in the Dropil ecosystem. Max is designed in such a way that, even if you reset or change your password, you are going to be asked to provide an account recovery code which is usually given to new users at the first time if opening Max wallet in order to recover your account and the wallets inside of it.

Personalized trading, Jade


On Jade, what you have is customisable automated trading. Jade enables you to connects to your exchange account through the use of API keys. With this Robot application, you can easily navigate your way through your usual and familiar exchange and perform transactions without having to leave Dropil platform. Jade is very secure when it comes to management of your exchange account information. All these features are put together on one platform by Dropil to ensure that users are offered a simple, intuitive, and automated tools for the cryptocurrency market.

Dropil Direct

Another measure put in place by Dropil in order to make everything comfortable and convenient for users is through Dropil Direct. On this application, you will be able to get Drops coins directly for your account. It should be noted that Dropil does not charge fees, but requires that you have Drops in your account. For you to get this, you have the option to buy directly or you can at the same time transfer Drops from external wallets

Paper wallet

Dropil is a balance, complete revolutionary platform that everyone in the crypto world must belong. Apart from the exchange wallets, Dropil still has a cold storage wallet where one can peacefully and successfully store his or her digital assets without any fear of been hacked.
The paper wallet is not only meant to store Drops but any other Cryptocurrency. This is so important because many people are not at rest when they leave their digital assets in exchange wallets, but trust much in cold storage wallets.

There are some facts that must be understood about Dropil which are as follows;


Dropil is NOT a Lending Platform

Dropil does not share any common grounds with lending platforms. Because in lending platforms, there are periods when you cannot withdraw your fund. They always give stipulated time when your money would not be available to you, depending on the package you are running with them and the mutual agreement. The hold period on lending platform might be three months, six months, one year and so on. But when it comes to Dropil, there is no hold period on your funds. You can actually withdraw your fund at any time without incurring any fees.

Another thing about lending platforms is that, they guarantee you some returns on your investment. Oftentimes they give the percentage breakdown of your Returns on Investment (ROI). But Dropil does not guarantee any specific percentage returns on your investment. What Dropil deals with is trading which cannot be given 100% certainty. So, what you get as returns on Dropil is dependent on the state of the market.

You can make Withdrawal at anytime

When you acquire Drop token, the tokens are yours on Dropil platform and you can withdraw them at any given time, even if they are already in the automated exchange app (Dex). The only thing is that, if you Withdraw before the end of any given 15-day period, you will not receive the reward that has not been realized.
Dropil makes every transaction transparent to the users without any hidden charges.

Stress-Free Platform

Since the mission of Dropil is to offer a simple, intuitive, and automated tools for the cryptocurrency market. It ensures that all the products and applications gears toward removing stress from people's lives. Instead of someone trying to keep up with current crypto prices and signals, Dropil makes everything available in one place and this will give people outside crypto space to be able to come in terms with its adoption and become crypto traders without stress.

Transparent Platform

Dropil has won the trust of its users because of the principle of transparency that governs it. There is no hidden agenda in the dealings on Dropil, everything is made bare to the users. Dropil has been able to scale from one level to the other due to its transparency culture. The company metrics are available for users to see and monitor the progress..

Up to date Information

Dropil is a very updated platform that offers up to date information! Information is power, information is life and as a matter of fact, information is wealth especially in the crypto world. When you get the right information and act swiftly, you will come back with wealth. That is why Dropil gives reporting through all their products and ensure that users are well fed with information necessary to be updated on current prices and signals in the crypto space.

In Conclusion, Dropil is a must for every crypto traders and enthusiasts because of its numerous benefits and outstanding features. Cryptocurrency automation has come to stay, join the moving train and enjoy the benefits


For Further information, visit;

Website: https://dropil.com
Telegram: https://t.me/DropilCoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DropilCoin/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dropilcoin
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dropil/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DropilCoin


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