Presearch Swag Delivery and Opening Video !!!

By Testing1234 | iLuvBATbrowser | 29 Aug 2021

Presearch Swag

Delivery and Opening Video

from the weekly Presearch Contest Giveaway


So you know how every contest winner always says, "wow, i never win this is crazy!!!", I did win at bingo a few years ago so cant say its my first time winning but damn it still feels unreal.


My wife and I have been using Presearch for well over a year and have to admit that yeah Google might be a tad bit faster "at times", the whole privacy aspect, and yes i know there is duckduckgo, but the whole decentralized aspect of it and yeah making that Pre aka money, remember every penny counts is the reason why I'll stick with Presearch "till the end" and i'm praying Brave Search doesn't speed that up, heck life is all about challenges so go Presearch !!!


Please watch my delivery and opening video of Presearch Swag from the weekly contest Giveaway.

Feel free to join and subscribe to my odysee channel.$/invite/@blabla002:e

Found this cool picture of some Presearch Swag winner posting the merch next to some car :)




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