Presearch Official Swag Giveaway Contest! Get Paid to Search

By Testing1234 | iLuvBATbrowser | 26 Jun 2021

Who doesn't luv getting free swag / "stuff" for free... 


As a person who uses Coingeko and was lucky enough to both collect 7000 candies and able to redeem the reward for Coingeko swag, I am enjoying aka wearing my free t-shirt from coingeko at least weekly, all dependent on laundry day :) 


Alright so let me cut to the chase and tell you all about the Presearch official giveaway contest for a free Presearch t-shirt, images shown below from Presearch weekly lbry/youtube videos

Presearch lbry channel

  • Step 1 is creating (hopefully you already have a Presearch account) and getting your referral ID or full link.
    For those creating a Presearch account for the first time please use my referral link, only if you want
  • Step 2 and the last step is simply commenting on Presearch weekly video with your referral link and that's it you are in the running for a free t-shirt!!!

I just realized that by me sharing this weekly giveaway I have statistically lowered my chances of winning as more people will now participate, oh whale, sharing is caring right :)

Good luck to you all!



For those who are new to lbry please feel free to use my invite link below, thanks$/invite/@blabla002:e



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