Detailed Tutorial with images :) on Staking Keywords in Presearch SearchWithPresearch

By Testing1234 | iLuvBATbrowser | 22 Mar 2021

Watch out GoogleAds !!!

Watch out Facebook Ads !!!


Presearch Wordstaking is here :)


Below images, along with URLs, and short descriptions detail the process of wordstaking and show a real-life example of it, updates to follow in a future post.

  • Step 1

Log in to

Create an account if you don't already have it, feel free to use my link if desired. PreSearch Referral link

Oh yeah forgot to mention they have dark mode!!!


  • Step 2

Select Keyword Staking link on the top right, see below


  • Step 3

Disclaimer, you must have at least a minimum of 1000 Pre to stake a keyword.  And how much exactly is 1000 Pre you may ask, well using an average price of .10 cents, that is 1000 PRE x 0.10 = $100

Select either to Buy PRE or Transfer PRE as needed.  Note. I purchased PRE on KuCoin and then transferred over.


  • Step 4

Input the desired keyword that you would like to stake.  As an example, I will be/did stake the keyword GNC.

Select the button titled Stake This


  • Step 5

You will be presented with a form and corresponding input fields to complete.  No worries, I included an image of all fields completed in the next slide and where I got my inspiration for the Ad Headline and Description.


  • Step 6

Surprisingly I used google to see what the same keyword would show to a user and simply mirrored that, as seen in the adjacent picture in where I completed all fields.

After you have completed all necessary fields, with the most important being your Ad Link URL, select the Next button.  





  • Step 7

Congrats you just staked your first keyword in PreSearch, how does it feel ...

Fingers crossed the amount of internet traffic that you get far exceeds what you would get using Google Ads or Facebook Ads, at the least I know for a fact you are spending a heck of a lot less advertising with PreSearch than with Google.



  • Step 8

Select the Dashboard button and there you have it, stats and all.  

As one can guess I am really "bullish" on GNC.  






Now that you have read this KeyWord Staking tutorial, are you going to stake a

keyword and more importantly which keywords ???

Thank you for your time and attention.

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