CoinGeko Candies - Rewards

CoinGeko Candies - Rewards - I have 1850 candies now what :(

By Testing1234 | iLuvBATbrowser | 8 Sep 2020

CoinGeko - My Candies 


My journey of getting 1850 candies and not having anything to buy them with, I even wanted to donate them and it was fully redeemed :( 



So it wasn't that long ago, literally maybe a month, that I came across an article in PublishOx, literally Luv this website and constantly learn from it, regarding the ability of GoinGeko users to earn Rewards and then redeem them from items such as a T-Shirt.  I'm always a sucker from free stuff, aka Swag, aka its free!  

So begins my journey of earning Candies.  The process is pretty straight forward and the only caveat is that you have to wait 24 hours in-between your collection of candies, that range from +10, to all the way up to +100, though this does require a seven-day consistent collection of candies on your part, still vigilant my candy collectors :) 

So I start collecting candies and also start looking at the available rewards and to my surprise, the rewards that I desire just keep disappearing, or more correctly getting fully redeemed.  No more T-shirt, no more hat, no more GoinGeko x Loopring.

My journey comes to the present day, Sept 2020, and to my dismay I attempt to redeem my rewards for a donation to a non-profit because heck lets pay it forward right guys and ladies, do a nice thing for others, and bam, I see the dreadful two words Fully Redeemed.  

Now, what do I do ???

Feel free to watch my quick +1 min video on LBRY regarding how to collect and redeem your candies :) 

CoinGeko Candies - Rewards

If you like LBRY, it's basically the equivalent of youtube but on the blockchain, think PRE and Google, or BRAVE and Google Chrome, please use my below link to create an account.  Full disclosure I need to get better in my recording and video editing skills, it's like come on guy you are better than that lol$/invite/@blabla002:e



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