CoinGecko Rewards "Collect over 100 candies in one day What?!?

By Testing1234 | iLuvBATbrowser | 6 Aug 2020

It would seem that in the last few months good old CoinmarketCap has been replaced by CoinGecko, at least according to the YouTubers who have quietly stopped using Coin Market Cap and instead use Coin Gecko, except for those times where Coin Gecko is down :(

I myself enjoy CoinGecko for the newly added DeFi tab/link.

Getting back on track with the reason why you probably click on this article and the heading of how one can get more than 100 candies in a single day.

The short answer is sadly it's not possible and instead it would seem I found a bug within their software, a minor bug that is quickly fixed by forcing a refresh on the screen but nevertheless a bug.  Does anyone know if there is a GitHub repo for CoinGecko so I may submit a change... Please refer to the below images to see that I'm not crazy lol.

All that said, I still enjoy collecting candies, though as you have also probably noticed all the good stuff is all old out or should I say fully remedied.   Come on.  

Thank you all and enjoy the bull run!







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