So far, so good

So far, so good

By ilnegro | ilnegro | 16 Mar 2020

So far, so good

Image by Adrian Malec from Pixabay


In this alienating situation of house arrest from COVID-19, in Italy, some initiatives have taken hold.
Flash mobs have been organized for a few days, the most successful ones are those that invite you to sing and play from the balconies.
Another initiative that, for several days, has mainly involved children is the one that invites you to draw and then expose a rainbow to the windows or balconies and the phrase Everything will be fine.

Personally I do not participate in any of these initiatives which, I believe, aim to exorcise fear and desperately seek some form of socialization.

While the majority of these initiatives find it useless, but not harmful, I find the latter and in particular the phrase Everything will be fine an aberrant thing.

No, everything will not be fine, first of all because a lot has already gone wrong, it is going badly and there are no indications or hints on the horizon that make us foresee that things will improve significantly in the short term.

What is the meaning of this clear denial of the reality we are experiencing?

It can be useful?

I don't think so, I think it is appropriate to be very realistic and to behave accordingly.
In Italy, even more stringent norms are invoked from many sides, despite being by far the western country with the most rigid norms and with the highest number of deaths and virus positive.

Are other countries doing better?

Honestly, I don't think so, they are only in a phase that Italy experienced a few weeks ago, which doesn't promise anything good, given the evolution in Italy, given the health systems even more fragile than the Italian one and taking into account the very milder outlets in other countries.

In a nutshell, even if the thing is said almost in a whisper, if miraculous cures do not intervene in the short term, all governments foresee millions of deaths worldwide, that's all.

Will everything be fine?

The answer is: No

We try to be aware of it and behave with the awareness that derives from it.



I was born, I am currently alive, sooner or later I will die



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