The Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

By Yuon | ikonomi | 11 Apr 2022

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Even if you decide to be an affiliate marketer full-time, you may still find that the learning curve to getting started can be steep, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing or don’t have much experience with affiliate programs in general. This guide on how to get started with affiliate marketing will walk you through the pros and cons of affiliate marketing and give you all the tools and resources you need to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer today!

Affiliate Marketing: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Though affiliate marketing can be a lucrative way to earn money online, it is often a very misunderstood business model. A lot of people still see affiliate marketing as nothing more than placing banner ads on websites and collecting money. This doesn’t tell you much about how it works and what you should do to make money with affiliate marketing. To learn more about how you can use affiliate marketing for your small business, read on!

There are two major ways in which you can make money with affiliate marketing: By creating an affiliate site and making money from your visitors using banners, links, etc., or by writing reviews of products or services and earning commissions from sales that occur directly after your reviews. It is important to understand both methods of earning with affiliate marketing because they may call for different approaches. For example, if you want to create an affiliate website, you might need to write some unique content such as product reviews while if you’re looking at becoming a paid reviewer for someone else’s website, then all you need is a unique URL and some basic SEO knowledge.

You’ll find out more about these options later in this guide. The most common mistake made by beginners trying to get started with affiliate marketing is not researching their niche well enough before starting. If there isn’t sufficient demand for your product or service, then no matter how hard you try there will be no sales coming through your efforts. And if there aren’t any sales coming through then why would anyone want to pay commission on them?


How Much Can I Earn With Affiliate Marketing And How Do I Get Started

There’s no set amount that you can earn with affiliate marketing, which means you can experiment with what works for you. But don’t expect affiliate marketing to earn you millions overnight — it’s a long-term strategy. The best marketers in any industry are often those who were there from Day 1 and stuck with it because they believed in their product. Making money on your terms is within reach for anyone willing to put in a little bit of time upfront. Put yourself out there, experiment, get feedback and find what works for you and makes you money! Don’t be afraid to test out different platforms, offers, or formats; keep track of which ones work best for you so that your affiliate marketing career will progress smoothly.

You may have an idea of how much you want to make each month, but if your campaign doesn’t produce results then you won’t hit your goal. So start small and work your way up as you learn more about how affiliate marketing works. You should never feel like a failure if things aren’t going well — every business has its ups and downs. This is normal, especially when starting. Remember: Things always get better if you stay focused on moving forward instead of dwelling on mistakes or missed opportunities. If things do take a turn for the worse, take some time off before jumping back into things headfirst. Your brain needs rest to absorb new information after all!

Best Niches In Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Some niches are a little more forgiving than others when it comes to affiliate marketing. Niches like beauty products and exercise equipment, for example, have an already-built an audience, so you’re better off investing your time there. These niches are easy because the traffic is more inclined to make purchases right away. But what makes them good beginner niches is that they can earn a lot of money if you know how to sell them well. So even if it takes longer for you to get through all the steps listed here, the payoff will be higher if you choose something more popular right out of the gate.

If that’s not for you, take a look at some smaller niche markets — the less competition, the better! For example, instead of health and fitness, you could try health tips for women over 50. The traffic might not be as high as bigger topics, but that also means you won’t have to compete against as many other affiliates trying to sell similar things. It also gives you room to grow into other related niches later on down the road.


3 Tools To Make Life Easier For Affiliate Marketers

There are a variety of affiliate marketing tools out there that can help you get started. They include things like affiliate networks, affiliate managers, price comparison sites, and more. Each one of these tools streamlines certain aspects of making money through affiliate marketing, which will ultimately save you time and make it easier for you to get off your feet. With so many tools available, however, it can be difficult choosing what ones to use. Luckily we’ve compiled a list of our top three picks so that you can quickly make an informed decision as to which tools might work best for your needs. The first tool is the Clickbank marketplace. Clickbank has been around since 1998 and boasts over 60,000 products from over 10,000 vendors. It’s also free to join! Clickbank works by connecting vendors who want to sell their products with affiliates who want to promote those products in exchange for a commission. You sign up for free as an affiliate then set up a storefront where people can purchase your recommendation. From there you just sit back and wait for them to come in! You can easily search through products based on popularity or category if you know what kind of product you want to promote but don’t have anything specific in mind.

The second tool is Google AdSense. If you’re not familiar with AdSense, it’s a way for publishers (that means anyone who owns a website) to earn money when they display ads on their site. Publishers create an account and link up their websites, select ad formats they’d like to use and Google takes care of the rest! When someone visits your site and clicks on an ad, you earn a portion of that advertising revenue. AdSense is great because it doesn’t require any extra development time — you just copy/paste code into your web pages and hopefully start earning money right away.

The third tool is Amazon Associates. This program works similarly to Clickbank in that you’ll be promoting products via links instead of traditional banner ads. Amazon has millions of visitors each day looking for all sorts of things, including books, clothes, electronics, and pretty much everything else under the sun. It’s easy to get started with Amazon Associates, too. All you need is a website and some basic knowledge about how to create a webpage using HTML. Once you’ve created your webpage, all you need to do is paste in some code provided by Amazon and link it back to their store. Every time someone buys something using one of your links, they’ll give you a small cut of that sale. Remember: even if no one buys anything at first, keep at it! Chances are once people start seeing your recommendations pop up across different websites and social media platforms, they’ll start coming straight to your page.

Possible Ways to Increase Your Conversions

There are lots of ways to increase conversions in affiliate marketing, but it all starts with your messaging. If you’re selling a product to people who have never heard of it before, you need to make sure that your messaging is relevant and motivating. Since everyone has their unique triggers for purchases, you’ll want to test out different ways of writing about products to determine what works best for your audience. From there, try showing buyers how a product will solve their problems; think about how something will improve or enrich their lives. The more details and specifics you can include in your messaging, the more likely people are going to be compelled by what you have to say.

Link Building: Another way to grow your affiliate marketing business is through link building. As mentioned above, content is king when it comes to SEO, so creating useful and engaging content will not only bring new visitors to your site but also get those visitors clicking on links back to your store. Links from other sites also help search engines identify which pages on your site are most important and should rank higher than others in search results — and search engines love relevancy! To get other sites linking back to yours, try doing things like adding an alternate URL at the end of each page that points back to an affiliate offer on your website.

The most important part of conversion optimization is tracking your results. Always make sure you know what kind of effect your messaging, offer copy and keywords are having on conversions. After making any changes, wait at least a week to see if your numbers move up or down; then tweak again. While it can be hard for new affiliates to keep track of all their campaigns, tools like Google Analytics can help you see which aspects of your affiliate marketing efforts are working and which need work. You can also use Google Trends to research popular topics in your niche so that you’re addressing questions people have at their fingertips when they arrive on one of your landing pages!


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