"When Emotions Collide" S01E04 - "What a shame. Her mind is fried..."


While in her embrace, I slipped my right hand under her left arm and placed my hand on her heart.

Tapping and keeping in contact with her arms, I gently eased out of her hug until we were holding hands, face to face, and staring at each other again.

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What happened to you, Darling?" I asked - already knowing by her appearance and vacuous stare.

I'd seen this catatonic state too many times before, when I used to work on the Psychiatric wards of civilian and military hospitals.


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The patients were zombie-like, suffered from uncontrollable, jerky eye and neck movements, and interacted with chronic audio-visual hallucinations.

Unresponsive to most verbal and physical stimuli, the patients required strong medication 24/7.

In her case, the condition was the result of a longtime crystal methamphetamine addiction.

And sadly, when the money dried up - and it always does with drug abusers and alcoholics - her physical/mental health was further degraded by the sexual abuse from drug dealers, pimps and Johns.

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These scumbags lived for any chance to prey on the poor and vulnerable addicts like her - living hand to mouth on the streets.

They easily traded their drugs, alcohol or money for whatever they wanted to do to her body. She was now over-jacked and tripping out of her skull.

"What a shame. What a shame, indeed. Her mind is fried!" I said to myself...


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By JaiChai


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Excerpted from: Suckers and Samaritans. Same Thing? JaiChai 2017. Revised 12-29-2020. Simultaneous multi-site submissions posted. All rights reserved.

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