(Jaichai) Why I'm "Referral Averse"

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I am fervently "Referral Averse".



Because, IMHO, the whole referral game looks like a typical IED infested road that can be found in all Sandboxes (any country ending in "stan").


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Think of it.

It's like recommending a job opening to a friend and the job turns out to be sh*t.

Or how 'bout recommending a job-seeking friend to another friend with a job opening; only to witness that the new employee, your recommended friend, turns out to be a total no-load sh*tbird?




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Last, but certainly not the least, what happens when you recommend one friend to another friend as a prospective romantic partner; then cringe when you see that one or both of them are 100% flaky, emotional retards?

In all those situations, you as a trusted friend and all around "good person", are honor-bound to perform damage control and negotiate a cease fire; plus propose, implement and monitor an equitable, mutually beneficial reparation plan - FOR FREE!



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That's why for me, referrals and recommendations are simply not worth any piddly commission; and more importantly, certainly not worth spending my precious personal time worrying about.

Besides, who would want the hassle of serving as the perpetual middleman if/when things run afoul.

Just saying, JaiChai

(Jaichai 26 SEP 2021. Simultaneous mutli-site submissions posted. All rights reserved.)

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