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(JaiChai) "Late to the party; just now discovering David Chappelle."



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I admit it.

Oftentimes I can be pretty dense; slow to the mark, late to the party.

I didn't buy Apple when it was 11 dollars. In fact, I shorted it at 14 dollars and lost my shirt!

I never watched my first Star Wars movie until "The Mandelorian" came out.

TBH, I have missed or ignored many of the most popular trends during the last 5 decades!

Can you say...




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And now?


I just watched my first, his last, Netflix Dave Chappelle show (Dave Chappelle: The Closer).




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I mean, "Sweet Buddha on a cracker!", it was AWESOME.

Whether you like his comedy or not, he is an MASTER ARTIST of his craft. He had me LMFAO. He had me pondering deep cognitive dissonance, conundrums and ridiculous oxymorons.

And he also had me shed a tear - all in one show.

If you haven't experienced a David Chappelle Netflix special, recommend you check it out.

It's time well spent.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai


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(JaiChai 30 OCT 2021. Simultaneous multi-site submissions posted.)

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