(JCAS) - JaiChai's Altcoin Spotlight: "Kusama"

(JCAS) - JaiChai's Altcoin Spotlight: "Kusama"


In response to a flood of questions about what's on my altcoin radar, I'm starting this series of articles called "JCAS" - JaiChai 's Altcoin Spotlight".

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JCAS articles will be short and feature whatever caught my eye about an altcoin project and my own opinions regarding its hype, support structure, viability, etc.

If I happen to own any of the project's tokens, I will provide an FD (FULL DISCLOSURE) statement.

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This WILL NOT be a substitute for its White Paper or community channels.

If any JCAS topic sounds attractive to you, I urge you to DYOR before investing your hard earned money into it.

Please remember that this is not financial advice and provided for educational purposes only.

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"(JCAS) - Kusama"

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If you can remember how LTC was considered the "silver" to BTC's "gold" and how LTC functioned as BTC's testnet, that's what Kusama is to Polkadot.

That is why its symbol is a canary - as in "canary in a coal mine" early warning system.

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It's blockchain is virtually a carbon copy of Polkadot's (albeit, not audited).

Every candidate for Polkadot runs on Kusama first.

Remember that Polkadot only has 100 precious parachain slots to fill, so even if something doesn't make the cut, it may still continue on Kusama.

In fact, Kusama may well end up on Polkadot; effectively increasing Polkadot's parachain capabilities.

I fully predict huge interest and price action very soon for Kusama.

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By JaiChai

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