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Watched CoinBureau during my treadmill workout today.

CoinBureau is one of my favorite YouTube crypto channels.

"Guy" - that's his real name, is articulate, funny and never fails to provide both sides of the "coin".

I recommend this channel to all crypto fans.

Every level of crypto aficionado can benefit from his info; meaning: both beginners and OGs can get actionable, factual project data and market trends.

NOTE: This is NOT financial advice.

Crypto investing is a high-risk endeavor.

Never, ever, ever invest money in crypto that you honestly cannot 100% lose and still maintain your current standard of living.

A little about my crypto experience:

I've been into the crypto scene for quite awhile.

I'm talking since before MTGox, the Ethereum DAO Hack, ArmaJeddon at Ripple, Stellar's Airdrops, IOTA's DAG tech, and Swirlds' (Hedera Hashgraph) victory over IBM in the U.S. Credit Union's DLT competition - a true David vs. Goliath saga.

I managed to get all my crypto out of MTGox before its collapse and later, I got my crypto, mostly LTC, out of BTC-e (Remember their troll box? F*ckin' hilarious!) before it got shut down.

I was a moderator on the XRPTalk forum when Charles and Vtalik were still in the much-hyped "vaporware" phase of Ethereum.

Stubbornly, I still have some dusty, ancient bags containing: BTC, LTC, ETH Classic, XRP, XLM, XMR, HBAR and Helium, plus some pre-FTX/SBF debacle SOL.

I was an early "Lander" on the Torum platform and benefited nicely from their ERC/BSC XTM tokens (albeit, a high send fee for gifting).

Ironically, in spite of bashing their first iteration of Torum's White Paper and notoriously NOT FOLLOWING other people, I managed to gain some notoriety AND a lot of followers (I think it's up to 36.7k now.)?

Those early days on the platform were marked by a highly responsive dev team, generous gifting among "Landers" and a camaraderie that I hadn't seen since my XRPTalk days.

My only regretful activity on the Torum platform was spending so much time, effort and XTM tokens acquiring NTCs (Non-Tradable Collectibles) and "DUST".


Because the earlier promises of NTCs and DUST becoming "DeFi-like multipliers" never panned out.

Two complete waste of time, corrupt/loser crypto blogging platforms that issued tokens, then went defunct?

Uptrennd and Weku.

Special note to the Hive Blog Cabal:


Hive Blog has become your worst enemy; that is, Hive Blog is now a worse version of Steemit than the actual Steemit!"

For those out of the know, Hive Blog has their own Nazi-like Death Squads that target individual blogger's posts and gang-rape (group-downvote) them into oblivion.

Believe me, I KNOW.

Fortunately, there are still ways to earn Hive and HBD ...(hehehe).

"Again, congratulations to Hive Blog 'Corruption at its finest and a multi-year winner of the EVIL CORP Award!"

Tokens I still have from dead in the water projects; meaning: If listed, absolutely zero liquidity?

CREA - It was listed only on one exchange (atomars?). Then the exchange got hacked and the token has yet to be relisted elsewhere.

PBQ is listed somewhere (honestly forgot which obscure exchange), but trading pairs have "0" liquidity - aka worthless.

Funny thing.

In spite of years of inactivity, I still receive continual CREA and PBQ? Wonder how those projects are still alive? Obviously, somebody's getting something out of it?

Time to stop rambling for now.

Until next time...

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech,


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