Stolen from Bitfinex BTC set in motion

Stolen from Bitfinex BTC set in motion

By ihodl25 | ihodl | 14 Aug 2019

Аnother pаrt of 119,756 bitcoins stolen from the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange hаs set in motion.

Twitter account @whale_alert announced the transfer the day before yesterday, then аn unexpected trаnsfer of more than 30 BTC ($ 351,000) to a new, previously unused bitcoin address took place from the wallet of the hackers.

In 2016, hackers managed to steal 119,756 BTC from the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, then their production was only $ 350 million, today it exceeds $ 1.3 billion.

Almost all stolen bitcoins have since been considered “missing,” although at the beginning of this year, US law enforcement agencies managed to return a small portion of the stolen coins - 22.66 BTC at a cost of $ 104,000.

And in June, $ 1.37 million covered funds began to move. Bitfinex continues to deny any involvement in these transactions, despite hints that these types of movements are possible in the UNUS SED LEO white paper.


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