Top 10 celebrities who favor Bitcoin and BlockChain Technology


 Kobe Bryant

 He was a great supporter of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Legendary former “Los Angeles Lakers” player Bryant, a "member of the Tron family" who is known for participating in Tron events, died at the age of 41 in a helicopter crash near Los Angeles along with his daughter from 13 years on January 26. Before the helicopter crash that took away his life, the former NBA champion and Olympic medalist became linked to cryptocurrencies through his friendship with Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and BitTorrent. Thanks to this union, Bryant ended up participating as a special speaker at the 2019 TRON cryptocurrency NiTRON Summit. His participation was only 30 minutes but it was epic and focused on the topic of entrepreneurship.

After his death Justin Sun expressed his condolences and noted that it was one of the greatest honors of his life to meet Bryant at the 2019 NiTRON Summit event:

“Kobe, it was great to have met you at niTROn 2019. Mtg, you were one of the greatest honors and privileges of my life, I will always remember ourselves on stage discussing the future of blockchain. We will have a moment of silence in his honor during niTROn 2020. R.I.P. ”





Elon Musk 

The opinion of the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, on Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrencies: "They have a brilliant structure, it is an excellent way to transfer value, but there are also cons, such as the amount of energy consumed to mine Bitcoin."

The pros of Bitcoin according to Musk are the utility and efficiency to transfer value, something that is certain is that digital money is going to replace banknotes at a certain time and also that "Bitcoin exceeds currency controls", says Musk, thanks to decentralization. 



Musk recently stressed that "the massive issuance of currency by government central banks is making Internet money, Bitcoin, appear robust in comparison." Musk added that:

BTW, I still only have 0.25 Bitcoin.


In addition, the billionaire technologist has shown his love for Dogecoin through his social networks.


In April 2019, the official Dogecoin account launched a survey (jokingly) to determine who should be the next CEO of the company. Personalities such as Vitalik, Charlie Lee and Elon Musk participated in the survey, finally, the South African won with 54.4% of the 4366 votes.





Robert Kiyosaki

The "guru" of finance and author of the best seller "Rich dad, poor dad", Robert Kiyosaki also joined an important list of financial analysts who have highlighted the advantages of Bitcoin against a scenario of financial recession. Kiyosaki suggested through his Twitter to save in gold or Bitcoin, which he referred to as "people's money".

The acknowledged author was critical of the actions taken by the US Reserve to generate liquidity. In this regard, he noted that the agency is printing "false dollars" and that saving right now in that currency would be a "crazy thing."

In a lesson where he explained the issue of US debt, he explained to all his followers the acquisition of Bitcoin as an effective asset to safeguard value against the financial crisis:

"The 1971 dollar became DEBT. Debt makes the RICH richer. Debt impoverishes the poor and the wealthy. If the debt-to-GDP ratio of the US is 60%, the The world is fine. Today, the US debt to GDP is 110% and continues to rise. The US is bankrupt. The debt, the dollar, and greed are destroying lives and the world economy. . VERY SAD. Safeguarding gold, silver and Bitcoin. "







The American rapper and singer could not be left out of this list after he presented his own cryptocurrency, Singer Akon announced on January 13, 2020 that the world's first "crypto city", Akon City, is taking place in Senegal and it will only work with the cryptocurrency, Akoin.


Beyond the cryptocurrency approach for a given geographic space within Senegal, the singer believes that cryptocurrencies are useful within the African economy. He went on to say that "blockchain and crypto could be the saviors for Africa" ​​because of the empowerment it could offer for Africans.

Akoin will be able to empower "rising entrepreneurs with digital and real-life tools and services; and allow brands to unlock the power of Africa's rising economy."






Steve Wozniak

As one of the founders of Apple alongside Steve Jobs and considered by many to be one of the great computing minds of modern times, Wozniak could not be indifferent to the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies.

On several occasions he has given words of praise and admiration for Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. On one occasion he said that BTC was the digital gold of today, at another time he explained that Blockchain technology will reach its maximum potential in about 10 years and at close dates he mentioned that Bitcoin was seeing a “creation of value massive ”.

As an investor, in 2018 he founded EQUI Global, a venture capital firm dedicated to investing in Blockchain technology projects. He has also founded an energy company that will use the Blockchain to keep records of users' consumption.







A great Ripple ambassador is legendary pop star Madonna. The singer who leads Malawi's famous charity campaign in Africa, created to help African children in need.

The Queen of Pop is a Ripple enthusiast and has collaborated with Bill Clinton and other public figures in spreading cryptocurrency as an easy and secure payment method.

The Queen of Pop is another of the great references of the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Well, by partnering with Facebook and Ripple for an online collection for the Raising Malawi Foundation, according to Ethereum World News in a charity event to fight poverty in Malawi, Madonna exposed the benefits of Ripple as a payment method for those who wanted to collaborate.





Ashton Kutcher

The renowned actor invested in BitPay, Uber and Aribnb in the past. He founded his own investment firm called "A-Grade" in 2010 backing Unikoin Gold, the gaming token.

The startup responsible for the Esports digital token, Unikrn, marketed UnikoinGold as a cryptocurrency that serves to bet on games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (Image)


In addition, for years it has defended the security offered by the offshoring of Bitcoin. In 2016, months before the US elections, Kutcher tweeted: "Why do I have the feeling that the best protection against a Sanders or Trump nomination may be to buy bitcoins?"





Richard Branson

The British magnate of the Virgin chain is part of this list of famous figures who have spoken out regarding the digital currency.

Branson, the founder of the conglomerate that houses more than 400 companies, said during an interview with the economic news channel Bloomberg that he considers Bitcoin to be a working currency. Answer he gave to the question of whether he believed that BTC was a currency that could "work".

“I think it is working, and maybe if more coins were like that it would be better. But in the meantime, there is a huge industry near this currency, and you know that people have made their fortune with Bitcoin. ”







The world soccer star became the ambassador of the Israeli company Sirin Labs, the firm in charge of manufacturing the first crypto smarthone in late 2017.

FC Barcelona striker Lionel Messi is a great ambassador for startup Sirin Labs, owned by Kazakh patron Kenes Rakishev.

The company is dedicated to smartphones and aims to revolutionize the market with its blockchain technology to make payments more secure.

The company's mobile will allow operating with Ethereum thanks to pre-installed software.





Bill gates

Although he had some qualms in 2014, Microsoft founder Bill Gates expressed in an interview in Bloomberg his "excitement" for cryptocurrencies. The billionaire businessman is one of the world's best-known bitcoin investors.

"Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be," he explained in a 2014 Bloomberg interview. "Bitcoin is better than the [traditional] currency because it doesn't have to be physically in the same place and, of course, for large transactions. , money can be quite inconvenient, "he explained.





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