Stellar is integrated into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, ¿How will this affect the price of XLM?

The Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), a non-profit organization that supports the development and growth of the Stellar network, announced today July 15, 2020 the integration of Stellar in the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. This integration enables Stellar (XLM) end users to securely store private keys on select Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
South Korean electronics giant Samsung has added its Blockchain Keystore solution that allows private cryptocurrency wallet keys to be stored. Enabling developers of the Stellar ecosystem to create blockchain applications and services for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, in addition to existing Stellar-based products and applications.

Starting now, owners of Samsung's new line of smartphones, which includes the company's current flagship offering the Galaxy S20, will be able to use their device as a hardware wallet to keep lumens safe.

At the time of the announcement, at least four Stellar-based companies have committed to adopting the necessary SDKs to make their applications available on the Keystore, including DSTOQ, SatoshiPay, Litemint, and Nodle.



Denelle Dixon, executive director of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), describes the recent integration as "a significant step" for the Stellar network and all of its ecosystems:


"With this integration, we have opened up to a new network of users who can take advantage of the combined innovation of Stellar and Samsung."
"It is just the beginning as we work together to empower more developers and users to take advantage of blockchain and the capabilities this integration presents."

As of now, more than 30 cryptocurrencies and five networks are compatible with Samsung smartphones that are eligible for integration include the Galaxy S20, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Fold and Galaxy S10 series.


Meanwhile the price of Stellar after the news, on the 4-hour chart as you can see, at the time of writing this the value of XLM is 0.09570 USDT the price opened with a bullish molumen candle, this caused the price to increase 9% approximately. However the price of XLM / USDT has fluctuated between 0.08718 USDT & 0.09726 USDT.
Therefore after the optimism of today's news, the bulls will try to break the resistance line located at 0.09726 USDT. But if the bassists fight, laterality would be maintained.






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