Staking - USDN (Detailed How-To Guide) One of the best safest and most profitable ways to get a great return on your coins.(DAI)

Staking - USDN (Detailed How-To Guide) One of the best safest and most profitable ways to get a great return on your coins.(DAI)

Hello family today we will talk about a great opportunity that presents us due to the fact that everyone has their eyes fixed on Compound, MKR or SNX because when we talk about STAKING we focus on the DeFi system that only runs on Ethereum and we  forget about other types of opportunities, specifically STAKING with Neutrino Dollar (it is a stablecoin) is linked to the value of 1 USD and this is one of the best, safest and most profitable ways to get a return on your currencies

why? Well with staking you don't lose control over your coins first of all.

Second:Neutrino Dollar (USDN) has an annual rate of 9.59% which is quite quite good

Third: staking with USDN you do not depend on the volatility of the currency so that your STAKING is profitable, compared to other currencies with which we can STAKING, which have to keep the price stable or have to raise the currency so that the STAKING is profitable, but if the value drops, your STAKING is not profitable.

On the other hand, Neutrino Dollar is a Stablecoin, which remains stable all the time and is the first that has integrated staking, with USDN we do real STAKING and not a savings account, I emphasize that the most interesting thing is that USDN is a decentralized stablecoin.

What is a decentralized stablecoin? In summary USDN works the same as DAI, DAI is a stablecoin that runs on ETHEREUM and is backed by ETH and other ERC-20 tokens and in this way through smart contracts makes it keep its value always linked 1 USD.



USDN is the same but this runs through the WAVES platform a very interesting project with great projection in my opinion, that it is at level 63 of the top 100 of Coinmarketcap, USDN is backed by the WAVES currency, that's why it is a decentralized stablecoin , that this adds a safety factor.





Before I start for those who still don't know what STAKING is, I'll explain it briefly.

There are two consensus processes which is


PROOF OF WORK: This is used by BITCOIN which are GPUs that provide computational power and through this power the miners compete to solve a mathematical algorithm, and the first one that solves it is the one that receives the reward for adding a new block to the chain.

PROOF OF STAKE: You do not need GPUs, this works through NODES that work as validators and to make a node in the network what you need is to block a certain amount of coins, in a wallet through a smart contract depending on the amount of coins you have blocked is the probability that you will have to validate a transaction.


And well, can STAKING be done with any currency?

The answer is not only can they be done with coins that have PROOF OF STAKE, there are also two branches of proof of stake
List Proof of Stake this is used by USDN and waves
There is also a Delegated Proof of Stake that is used by TEZOS LISK and others



So in Coinmarketcap you can see for example different assets with which you can STAKING and for example how much you can earn by staking
it can be around 5% to 50% or 60% profitability varies a lot, what matters most is how the value of the asset with which you are STAKING behaves
For example, if you had STAKING with TEZOS, in the last 6 months you would have been winning because the price has been on the rise, then your STAKING performance is positive.



But if you had STAKING with COSMOS that has been bearish, your STAKING would not have been profitable because as I said the value of this currency is falling, then although you are having a yield an interest rate you are losing value in general then this is the advantage Neutrino Dollar has because it is a stablecoin and it is the only stablecoin with which you can do STAKING, if I know there are other stablecoins with which you can make savings accounts but family those are savings accounts it is not STAKING.



And to minimize risks, this is one of the best ways to preserve the value of your money is by STAKING with USDN that maintains the value of your money and you are also earning, you are generating, so that is my opinion of USDN is the best way to earn a return but without suffering from volatility without taking as much risk for high volatility in addition to this USDN is a stablecoin that is decentralized no entity controls the currency.

What is the current rate with USDN staking? 9.59% but also the profitability and the rate depends on several things, as I said USDN is backed by WAVES in fact when you stake the reward is being generated in WAVES but it is automatically changed to USDN when received to pay as a reward if the price WAVES is going to be much more profitable the rate of staking with USDN and another important thing to take into account, for example is that it depends on how many people are staking that is the amount that will give you interest rate, so right now as only 30% of all USDN is staking, because the rate is higher, this is also the best money to take advantage of to do staking, because there are not many people who are doing staking with USDN most are targeting COMPOUND & DeFi at ETH and this is DeFi over WAVES 


As you can see in the image is a list of the interest rates that some countries are paying and as you can see only Turkey is giving 8% which is the highest in this list, Mexico for example which is the country where I live. gives 5% annual interest.
So USDN is giving you a higher rate than all these countries, that is the advantage of doing this through cryptos instead of having your money in a bank.



Now if we are going to STAKING with USDN, in many places they are adding this option, but in this case I will show you the simplest, this time we will use the WAVES Exchange the link is


Entering you can get USDN in two ways 1 buying directly with a card. 2 you can directly exchange a crypto for example BTC, ETH, USDT and you exchange it for USDN.

First I will teach you how to create an account
First we will click on Get started and create a password for our wallet we accept and click on continue


You can import a WAVES account you already have from your ledger or with your seed key.


But you can also create a new account, we will click on create new account.




You choose your avatar that would be your address




Then we click on continue we create a name for the account and we click on continue.




Once doing that we can enter our account do not forget to save your recovery words just go to settings and enter your password and show you your recovery words. Never forget them please :)




After what we have to do is deposit, I will deposit USDT thether, you can deposit other currencies you just have to click on receive so you can see your address in this case it is Tether, as you can see I already deposited my USDT.



Now we will get USDN, once you make your deposit you can also buy USDN with a card just go to INVESTMENTS click Neutrino Staking and Start Staking and you can choose Buy with Card


But I will show you how I did it that was exchanging USDT against USDN, I only sold my USDT and received 250.745086 USDN by clicking on sell out, you just have to wait for the order to be completed, you can also buy some WAVES since I We will use in the future as you can see, I already have Waves and USDN 38.73 Waves and 201.8475 USDN



Now what we are going to do is go to investment, we are going to Neutrino Staking & Start Staking
and now if we can see our available balance




We click deposit in this case I will deposit all my USDN for that we need to buy waves because the transaction fee is charged in waves then we click deposit
As you can see our transaction is working. Now we can see on the screen that we have our 201.847545 USDN STAKING




And well we can make withdrawals very simply at any minute the rate is 9.59% in 24 hours you will receive your first payment and as I said to withdraw it is very simple you just have to click on withdraw and you will remove it from SATKING and you will have it available in your wallet





As you can see in the waves chart it has had a good behavior in the last month an increase of 17.88% in the value of USDN is a very safe way to have a passive income because it is a stable currency and you have full control of your funds take good care of your keys, you are STAKING and with USDN you do not have to worry about the volatility of other currencies or the price of Bitcoin, you do not have to worry about the world economy if the market rises or falls, with USDN you receive your interest and everything remains stable.


You can not only use the WAVES exchange you can use another way if you prefer. Leave in the comments if you liked and if you want more information of this type also do not forget to like and subscribe my content is focused on generating sources of income. So I do the research for you. And we learn together...




thanks for reading have a great day 🤗


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