Letter from Nikola Tesla to his mother

My dear mother I feel sad when I think of you, I don't know how but I feel that you are not well, I would like to be by your side now mother to bring you a glass of water, all these years that I had spent in the service of humanity brought me no more what insults and humiliation. This morning I woke up early, just before dawn because I had heard something that I have been hearing over time, it seems like a beautiful song or a lament even a kind of prayer in Arabic, when I regained consciousness I realized that this Voice came from everywhere and it was impossible for me to determine if it was inside me. I am afraid of losing my mind, I cannot trust in Dr. Lionel  because I no longer trust the listener who visited Mr. Edison two weeks ago.

Again my thoughts are about you mother and again I feel the same uneasiness and sadness I will write in the patent office to speed up the execution of my public experiment for a week, I have to go home to my homeland to you, now I know for sure that you are not well because once again I have heard this regrettable voice, but this time I was fully awake, I still have not lost consciousness.
I did not write to the patent office, one of their agents came and told him my intentions in person, he said he was sorry but the tokens could not be changed. Because all the congressmen had already determined them, I lowered the letters and told the many to prepare with the turbines and to wait for my call tomorrow, I have decided to provide humanity with the gift it deserves and return to Europe ... you mother.

The governments here are the same as those at home, I have now realized in the end that humanity depends on governments and that the individual cannot change the world by himself, but that strange voice still bothers me, I know that he is connected to you. My experiment with something transcendental, dear Mother tomorrow I am going to Yugoslavia Miss Nora went to the port and bought me the ticket to go to Lisbon, from there I will go by train to Zurich and then home, it will take me approximately 10 days no more than two weeks to go home.




Today I entered the congress office building and in the middle of the congress session, I asked for a few minutes in time, they were not very happy about it but they left me, I asked for the phone to call the laboratories in Niagara Falls. The boys there turned on the turbines and the congress hall lit up with my power, 10 times stronger than normal as promised.
I do not care about their reactions at all the instant I left the hall because I did not do all this for them but for humanity, at that very moment when I was looking at the light bulb that illuminated with my electric electricity, I realized that I was not the creator From all this, I felt that someone was taking it from the Niagara Falls to the congress hall and that the law that I thought I was inventing, in reality always existed, I was only the container blessed with inspiration to formulate and explain it to humanity.


Instead of triumph and happiness, an empty sadness arose, I realized that I had lost much of my life, as if I had left something completely unknown, some formula was within my understanding and I failed or did not want to clarify it. You have to be connected with this Arab lament, I'm sure that now this letter will never reach you mother, I don't know why I write it to you when you can't read it.

Rest in peace mother and please forgive me for choosing paths that have separated me from you I could not even be there for your funeral, I read the telegram that informed me of your death, I despise people who were not ready two years ago that electricity it can be transferred wirelessly, now you have seen it but you will not use it for centuries to come, because someone burned my downtown lab, with all my formulas and writing on it.


Suspicious of Mr. Edison, I became so indifferent that I can't even recognize him. Maybe I would feel sad before but not anymore, because now I am sure that someone keeps my patents under control, that my discovery is not mine at all and that finally humanity was not prepared for it. I know someone is overseeing everything and has a plan of their own so it is probably unimportant.
My boat for Lisbon leaves at 11 o'clock, the car is outside waiting, I will put this letter to the grave when it reaches the cemetery of our town, I believe in something that I have never believed in, I believe that I am still part of you and that my Life has not ended forever, now I feel sorry for avoiding the Turks because they sang similar laments that I heard at dawn, now I realize that they knew more about these things much more than I did. All those years spent in science were in vain please mother pray for me if you can, sing the lament for the soul but laugh at your poor ignorant son. Forgive me for turning away from you for not going to your funeral, pray for my mother if you can.






This was the last letter of the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla to his Mother. Family  this letter although its authenticity has never been confirmed, but much of what is said here by whoever wrote this letter has a very deep meaning.

As everyone in the letter has their agenda, governments are the ones that dominate the planet, and more than governments those who are behind the scenes.

How easy it would be if, for example, labor automation really made that every person on the planet did not have to sweat to eat, that they did not have to suffer to keep one more day with food on their stomach, with that desperation of having a home where sleep, be able to have what makes you feel alive.
So after all, regardless of all those issues of technological advancement, so that we could all truly move to a new era, those who sustain power, not money, precisely, if not true power, obviously would never leave or lose that position to be on top of others. They would never think that this world ceased to belong to them, because they would have to make all mankind come to a new era of enlightenment to a situation where in truth each one does what he thinks is pertinent in his life, dedicating himself to whatever he wants . To train us as truly thinking people.

The letter is quite profound because it really happens when there are people who have dedicated everything to try to help humanity, which is what the letter says, to Tesla so many years that he spent in the service of humanity they brought him nothing but insults and humiliations, so how many historical, political, writers, scientists have gone through that, until they were turned into a martyr is when these characters are appreciated, don't you think? They are characters outside their time, but it is not that they are outside their time rather the situations and circumstances caused them to be forgotten and when you realize that we are never really going to change as humanity, because this paradigm in which we live this social design that we have all built since childhood, those patterns of behavior rooted in our culture, education. etc, they maintain the same system.

But do we really want to change the system? What happens if you get to the top of the pyramid, in the hypothetical case that it was, you would surely forget those who are below, as well as in rebellion on the farm, like those pigs that came to sit with the owners of the farm, they forgot everything else and history is not linear it is circular and history repeats itself over and over ...



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