The platform created by JuicyFields allows cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy the process of buying, growing and selling plants legally, without cumbersome procedures or risks, paying for our plants with Bitcoin and Ether from the comfort of our homes and regardless of where they are located in the world. .  

What is juicy Fields? JuicyFields gives you the opportunity to join the cannabis industry with a few simple clicks. It is not necessary to obtain legal licenses, raise capital or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on greenhouses, personnel, training, etc., to grow the plants.
It only requires that you follow a registration process and be over 21 years old. Once the registration process is complete, we can access the platform. JuicyFields is a highly growing platform that connects people with medical cannabis companies seeking funding. This platform gives you the opportunity to earn money by helping small businesses in the cannabis industry to expand and improve.


It is completely legal. All of its growing and processing partners are licensed to grow and process medical cannabis in their countries.
JuciyFields allows anyone to become an entrepreneur in the world of medical cannabis, from the comfort of their home by paying with cryptocurrencies.


How to start

Just create a producer account at https://juicyfields.io/signup. Fill in your details and check your demo floor to understand how the platform works.

Examine the differences between the medicinal cannabis strains you can grow, choose the type of strain that's right for you, select how many plants you want to have, and you're done.
Upon accessing, we go to the “clone shop” section, where we can see the types of plants offered, their cost, characteristics, time of cultivation and economic benefits that they give when they are harvested and sold.

Then we choose the type of plant we want, the number of plants we are going to acquire, we make the payment and that's it.

After this, we are already part of the huge medicinal cannabis community legally and without having touched a plant.

After 108 days, we will begin to receive our first earnings as a result of the sale of our plant.

By choosing to grow cannabis collectively through juicyfields.io, you benefit as an entrepreneur by operating with a legally established company, with an efficient cultivation and distribution business model. In addition, it has a network of legal growing associations and affiliates, as well as high-quality, low-cost medicinal grade cannabis products.




The minimum financing is € 50. You can choose varieties with different yields: small, medium, high and ultra.

You can start a profitable contract for just € 50 and in 3 months you will receive your first part of the cannabis sale directly in your wallet!


You get the first returns on your financing in as little as 3 months after purchasing a plant, depending on the tension of the plant.


What do they do at Juicy Field?
There are two answers to this question. A simple and more complicated answer.

The simple answer is that it is a platform that connects people to legal medical cannabis businesses seeking funding. They manage projects in the medical cannabis industry, as well as produce and sell their own products under the juicyfields.io brand.

The most complex answer is that they try to make medical cannabis accessible to everyone.
Since the cannabis industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world, but it is an industry where only the wealthy can prosper.

His goal is to change that by making cannabis accessible to anyone around the world. The platform helps you grow legal medical cannabis without having to apply for expensive cannabis licenses or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

Juicy Fields' base of operations is in Germany, specifically in Berlin, but it has business partners in other parts of the country, along with Colombia, South Africa, Lesotho and Macedonia. Countries where the production and export of Cannabis for medicinal purposes can be carried out legally.


Plant profitability

The profitability of each plant is determined by different variables, which range from cost per gram and the yield of the plant, to the annual harvest quantities. We will detail the performance of the four (4) plant options available at JuicyFields.io


The JuicyFlash strain is ideal for people who want to try the platform, or people who want to see faster results. With a cost of 50 euros per plant, it generates profits ranging from 18 to 33 euros, representing a maximum profitability of 66%.


The JuicyMist strain, like the previous one, is fast flowering, making it also ideal for people who want fast results. This strain is harvested four (4) times a year for the duration of the contract, which is three (3) years. It generates an estimated annual profit of up to 1,600 euros and a total estimated profit in 3 years of € 3,600 - € 4,800, up to 240% profitability.


The JuicyKush strain is high yielding and is harvested three (3) times a year, with an estimated profit of € 2,250 a year. The duration of the contract is four (4) years, so it can generate a total profit of € 6,000 - € 9,000, up to 450% profitability.


The JuicyHash strain is the most profitable, despite only offering two harvests per year. Their numbers are quite surprising, generating a profit of up to € 2,400 a year. But since the contract is for five (5) years, it generates an estimated total profit of € 9,000 - € 12,000, which represents up to 600% profitability.


Through this platform, anyone could start the business of e-cultivation of medical cannabis, which after an initial investment could guarantee an income for four or five years.

There is no doubt that the best time to invest in Cannabis is now and the best thing about it is that we can pay for our plants with Bitcoin, Ether and also fiat money.
And if you want to increase your sources of income subscribe

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Crypto adict (Manu VZ)
Crypto adict (Manu VZ)

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Welcome to the most persistent family

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